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Building a Real Estate Empire At a Young Age with Jered Sturm

The BiggerPockets Podcast
2 min read
Building a Real Estate Empire At a Young Age with Jered Sturm

Is it possible to invest in real estate when you don’t have decades of life-experiences? That’s the topic we dive into today on the BiggerPockets Podcast with special guest Jered Sturm. Jered, who is in his mid-twenties, is an incredibly successful buy-and-hold investor as well as a house flipper and contractor. Jared’s unique strategy appeals to anyone who is looking to build a large portfolio in a short time. Today’s show is all about hustle, and doing what it takes to succeed! Whether you are 25 or 75, this interview is bound to inspire you to take massive action to find the success you desire. Stay tuned!

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In This Episode We Cover:

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  • How Jered bought his first property right out of high school
  • Details on Jered’s journey to 20+ units
  • How Jered has financed his deals
  • The ins and outs of the flips he’s completed
  • The importance of networking to finding properties
  • How Jered and his team find deals
  • The common trait that makes some landlords terrible
  • The advantages and disadvantages of investing in real estate at a young age
  • The power of exponential growth
  • And SO much more!

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  • “If we can do it for others, why not do it for ourselves?” (Tweet This!)
  • “If you wait longer in life, you’re going to have all the responsibilities that usually come later in life.” (Tweet This!)
  • “People can find the confidence in you if you just carry yourself the right way.” (Tweet This!)
  • “There’s gonna be times in life where I’ll know I want free time more than I do now.” (Tweet This!)
  • “No company cares about the property as much as an owner.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Be someone that people will lend money to.” (Tweet This!)

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