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22 ½ ACTIONABLE Tips for Beginner Real Estate Investors With Josh and Brandon!

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22 ½ ACTIONABLE Tips for Beginner Real Estate Investors With Josh and Brandon!

WARNING: We’re sorry, but there is no way you’ll be able to listen to today’s show without taking MASSIVE ACTION immediately after! Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast, Josh and Brandon bring you 22 (and a half) of their all-time favorite ACTIONABLE tips for building your real estate empire, especially if you’re just getting started. This show will leave you with a serious list of direct, actionable next steps that you can start implementing in your real estate today. Get ready because this show is going to change how you do real estate. You’ve been warned!

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We just waRealtySharesnted to give a shout out to our podcast sponsor on today’s show: RealtyShares. RealtyShares is a crowdfunding platform that allows you to invest in professionally managed properties without leaving your living room!

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In This Episode We Cover:

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  • The actionable tips to help you take off as a real estate entrepreneur
  • Tips for posting on Craigslist
  • Why you should analyze 3 deals every single day
  • What to look for in a local real estate agent
  • A great way to connect with local real estate investors
  • Why house-hacking a great strategy for newbies
  • The real estate books that matter
  • The importance of knowing your credit
  • The two phrases to eliminate from your vocabulary
  • The importance of giving your agent your criteria
  • Why you should consider using yellow letters
  • The strategy of walking for dollars
  • How to formulate a roadmap for success
  • Why flip shows video are great
  • How to continue your education in financial literacy
  • What podcasts to listen to
  • And SO much more!

Download the Whole List (all 22.5!) 

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  • “Never buy a property when you only analyzed it just in your head.” (Tweet This!)
  • “You’re the average of the 5 people you associate the most.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Everybody has unfair advantages.” (Tweet This!)

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