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Creative Investing in an Expensive Market, Seller Financing, and Buying Foreclosures with Grammy-Nominated Jeremy Jones

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Creative Investing in an Expensive Market, Seller Financing, and Buying Foreclosures with Grammy-Nominated Jeremy Jones

On this episode of The BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with an investor who’s also a Grammy-nominated musician! Jeremy Jones has been acquiring rental properties in the Seattle metro area for several years, focusing primarily on multifamily investments and supplying him with a stream of passive income. You’ll love both his tactics and mindset and will walk away from this interview with numerous actionable ideas to help take your business to new heights. Enjoy!

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In This Episode We Cover:

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  • A little bit about Jeremy and how he started
  • How he got into real estate by chance through his music career
  • How to maximize your income by renting by the room
  • His first non owner-occupied rental
  • What you should know about buying foreclosures
  • The BRRRR Strategy and how to use it
  • Advice on having a “long term flip
  • A discussion about hard money
  • The importance of having exit strategies in mind ahead of time
  • The topic of refinancing
  • How to develop a criteria for purchasing houses
  • How exactly banks and loans work
  • REO vs. foreclosure auctions
  • How Jeremy uses seller financing
  • Where he buys properties and why he keeps them close to home
  • How he manages his property and finds great contractors
  • And SO much more!

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