BiggerPockets Podcast 123: Overcoming an Ugly Past to Become a Cash Flow King with Justin Escajeda

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Today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast is different than any other we’ve done, and probably not one to listen to with the kids in the car. Today we’re talking with Justin Escajeda, who overcame a life of crime, drugs, and homelessness to create an impressive real estate business, despite his ugly past. You’ll learn about the process Justin went through to build his empire and discover some unique ideas to help you create additional passive income in your life. Prepare to be shocked, encouraged, and motivated after listening to today’s show.

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In This Episode We Cover:

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  • How Justin got started in real estate investing
  • The hard past he had to overcome
  • His first screening experience with his duplex
  • How he landed his first deal, a duplex in a low income neighborhood
  • How he found his real estate partnership
  • A discussion on seller financing
  • The ins and outs of self storage
  • Some of the downsides of self storage
  • One tip for a storage unit operator
  • Justin’s opinion on mobile homes
  • His plans for the future
  • And SO much more!

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  • “It’s very difficult to do things the correct way, by the book.” (Tweet This!)

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  1. Pyrrha Rivers

    Your story is amazing and inspiring!
    I thank you for being so open. Your tale will be a source of healing for someone. You may never know but just because you were brave enough to put it all out there. Someone WILL imitate you and regain control of their life.
    Good job!

  2. Mark Gruetzmacher

    Justin, Great Podcast. Goes to show anyone can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. One question, how did you go about find a Mortgage Loan Originator? Did you call around and what did you ask them? What costs are added for that service? Thanks again for the great podcast.

  3. David Hamer

    Great show Justin! Your a great guy. You are very easy to talk to and quick to lend advice. I loved the way you described how to achieve your goals. Write it down and then move toward them “Inches”. Can’t wait to partner up on some deals.

  4. Daniel Zamora

    Justin great show

    I am new here and new to real estate investing I am an over the road truck driver and am ready for a change.
    why do you think writing your goals down on paper will help a person as opposed to not writing them down?
    Do you have a particular affirmation you use daily?

    take care hope to hear from you …


  5. Mohit Madaan

    Justin, i know you have heard this before but i am going to say it again. Great Job on recovery and building a successful business. I wish you good luck and i hope you continue to grow. Would love to meet you if you ever make to Stockton, CA or India.

  6. Jason Mittenzwey

    Thank you for an excellent down to earth podcast. Your story was inspiring and your businesses unique to the podcast. Congratulations on all of your success. It was also great to hear from a fellow Pittsburgher. Not sure where exactly you are in the Burgh but would love to meet up with you and discuss real estate. Thank you again for helping further inspire a newbie to keep working toward his real estate goals!

  7. Sunny Suh

    Justin, great podcast. But I sense there was a breaking point that woke you up and changed your lifestyle. Wish I knew more about the catalyst that had you change for the better, not easy for someone to chamge their habit but overall I am grateful for you sharing. Curious how you were able to learn about the real estate clubs and FHA.

  8. Darren Sager

    Very touching Podcast Justin. It struck me hard when you mentioned about walking down the train tracks with your belongings in hand. And if you could overcome that situation there’s nothing you can’t do. I’m VERY happy to hear of your success. You’re right you do deserve it. Keep at it. Don’t stop. Glad you’re on the right path now and doing things the right way. I wish you continued success out in Steeltown!

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