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4 Reasons You Should Sign Up for a National Real Estate Conference NOW

Elizabeth Faircloth
4 min read
4 Reasons You Should Sign Up for a National Real Estate Conference NOW

Matt and I just got back from attending IMN’s 4th Annual Single Family Rental Investment Forum in Miami, Florida. Matt was invited to speak on a panel about turning over rental units so we decided to both attend the two and a half day conference. Since we have never attended this conference or even heard of it before, we did not know what to expect. After about an hour of attending the conference and meeting attendees, we quickly realized this was a very high-level conference with seasoned investors and top notch service providers who were the “real deal.”

There were no “run to the back of the room” gurus in attendance. There was just a ton of experts and active investors, property managers, and vendors who shared real world expertise on topics ranging from evaluating markets, scaling your business, rehab and maintenance of your rental portfolio to using technology, financing strategies, and exit strategies. There were over 1,100 attendees from just about every corner of the country.

I came home refreshed, renewed, and super excited to put into action what I learned. So, I thought it would be helpful to share 4 reasons you should get out of your local market and attend national real estate investing conferences.

4 Reasons You Should Sign Up for a National Real Estate Conference NOW

1. You’ll learn innovative ways to improve your business.

One of the biggest advantages to attending national conferences like this is that you have the opportunity to learn countless ways to improve your business. One of the people who sat on the panel with Matt was the CEO of Taskeasy.com. This company is only a few years old, but they are basically revolutionizing lawn care services for home owners and investors.

They are more or less the “Uber of lawn care services.” We are going to be using them for some of our multi-family properties. The quote they sent us on one of our buildings is HALF of what we are paying now for lawn care! We probably would have not heard of these folks if we had not attended this conference. As a result of attending, we had the opportunity to learn about a ton of different service providers that can help us run our business more effectively and efficiently.


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2. You’ll engage in valuable networking and relationship building.

Hands down, this is probably the most beneficial aspect of attending national conferences. We met potential partners, private money funders, lenders, hard money partners, mentors, and many others. We even bumped into someone we knew from New Jersey, and it was great to reconnect with them. We discussed an apartment building we are looking at this Thursday with this person, and there might be some opportunity to work together on this project!

We also had the opportunity to meet Engelo Rumora and Andrew Syrios — two fellow bloggers from BP. Both of them were part of panel discussions and added tremendous insight during the conference. Both are phenomenal people! The list goes on and on. When you participate in these types of national conferences, you meet people that you don’t have the opportunity to meet on a daily basis. Most importantly, you meet people who you can help in some way, and you meet people who can help you.

3. You’ll expand your possibilities.

We soon realized that we were one of the smaller investors in attendance at this conference. Yes, there were some completely new investors in attendance, but most of the investors had portfolios much larger than ours. At first, we began to compare ourselves to these investors.

However, we stopped ourselves. We quickly became very inspired by this. It was refreshing to be at a conference where we were the small fish. It was inspiring and provided us a tremendous opportunity to stretch ourselves and stretch our thinking. We left the conference asking new questions about our business and our future. There is no question that this conference will cause us to think differently about our business both now and in the future.


4. You’ll learn from highly seasoned investors.

The panel discussions were so rich with real world discussions and lively debates about every aspect of real estate investing. There were shark tank panel discussions, where you could see how investors pitch companies that have large funds to invest. I literally have about 10 pages of notes that include various ideas that seasoned investors shared, from raising money to finding deals to running a more efficient property management business to expanding your business to finding new markets.

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I hope these four reasons inspire you to take a minute right now to look into upcoming national conferences that you could attend this year. More importantly, I hope it inspires you to actually register for one of these conferences. Make sure you attend a conference that has real world investors speaking versus “run to the back of the room” gurus. Yes, there is an investment of time and money to attend these types of conferences. However, I am confident that we will make back our investment of money tenfold as a result of attending this conference. There is something incredibly refreshing and inspiring about being around like minded people and the real estate investing industry.

Take the step now. Go and register for a conference. You will not regret it.

Let’s get some discussion going. What have you gained from attending national conferences? How has it helped you grow your business?

Let’s chat in the comments section below!

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