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58 Deals by Age Twenty-Three with Devan McClish

The BiggerPockets Podcast
2 min read
58 Deals by Age Twenty-Three with Devan McClish

What were you doing at 23 years old? Probably not building 17 houses like today’s guest! That’s right — our guest today on the BiggerPockets Podcast is Devan McClish, a real estate investor from Nashville who’s done nearly 60 deals in just the past couple years — using almost no money of his own. You’ll learn how Devan finds deals, raises money, works with contractors, and so much more. This show will go down as one of the greatest in BiggerPockets history — so don’t miss a second of it!  

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Devan got started learning real estate when he was 18
  • How he convinced a mentor to teach him
  • His first deal 3 years later
  • How to avoid the shiny object syndrome
  • How he landed deals through direct mail
  • How he initially funded his deals
  • Living on $15,000 for a year
  • How to deal with peer pressure when you’re “going cheap”
  • The worst mistake he’s made so far
  • The biggest challenge in the beginning
  • Why finding the deal is harder than finding the money
  • How Devan finds deals
  • Tips on driving for dollars
  • His future goals
  • And SO much more!

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  • “While my friends are out drinking, I stay at home and try to find the next deal.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Instead of spending $300/month on a brand new car, I’d rather spend that to get another 300 yellow letters out.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Whenever they say you can’t do this, I say watch me do it.” (Tweet This!)

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