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Going the Distance: 3 Ways to Stay Motivated Long-Term

Going the Distance: 3 Ways to Stay Motivated Long-Term

2 min read
Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner is an active real estate investor, entrepreneur, writer, and podcaster. He is a nationally recognized ...

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Let’s talk about motivation.

The truth is, people are motivated initially. They get really inspired at first, but they don’t hang on for long. They don’t stick through it and keep up their motivation long-term.

Most people get excited for a week and then they give up a week later.

How many have done that with a diet? Or a workout plan? Or with a business opportunity? It happens all the time.

So, what I would encourage you to do is to ask the question: how are you going to stay persistent for the long haul?

I’m going to give you three ways that I personally use.

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No. 1: Mastermind Groups

I am a big fan of mastermind groups, which means getting together with three to five other people, either online or in person. It doesn’t matter how—a Zoom call or a phone call is fine—but get together with three to five other people every week or every other week. Talk with them, share your goals, and hold each other accountable.

meetups group

No. 2: Daily Journaling

I have this thing called The Intention Journal. I use it every single day. I write down what my three goals are for the week, what my big goals are for the quarter, why I want the goal, what my objective is, what roadblocks I’m going to face, and so on.

And I track my habits in it every morning. I write what time I woke up, how much sleep I got, how much water I drank, if I’m drinking or not. Did I exercise? I also write what I’m grateful for, what I’m going to do today, my schedule, and I rewrite my goals.

All of this stuff keeps me motivated every single morning. Like they say, “Motivation is like taking a bath. You have to do it all the time.”

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To stay motivated, do it daily because it wanes.

So, I keep track of my fitness in this thing. I keep track of my real estate goals in here. I keep track of dates with my wife. I keep track of a lot of that stuff in here.

Brandon writing in notebook

No. 3: Performance Coaching

Finally, this one is not for everybody. Performance coaching is where you pay somebody—but I’m not talking about a $50,000 guru. I’m talking about paying a coach—like I do.

My coach’s name is Jason Drees. I pay him roughly $600 a month, maybe a little more than that. I pay annually. So, it’s expensive—it can be up to $10,000 a year for coaching.

But every other week, I meet with him about my goals and my processes. He really digs into my mindset, and he makes sure that I’m accomplishing my goals. This stuff applies to every area of life.

And as a result, I got a lot of really cool stuff out of it. I moved to Maui. I now go on a lot of dates with my wife. I’ve got two beautiful kids.

Whatever you use to stay persistent, stay persistent for the long-run.


What’s helped you stay persistent? What hasn’t?

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