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BPCon 2019: The Most Impactful Takeaways From My Conference Experience

Marcus Maloney
3 min read
BPCon 2019: The Most Impactful Takeaways From My Conference Experience

A couple weeks removed from BPCon 2019, I finally can write a review of the event.

BiggerPockets Conference 2019 Recap

I would like to thank the amazing BiggerPockets team for pulling this off. I had an amazing time. The camaraderie was great and the venue (the Gaylord Opryland Resort) was unlike any other, but the education and the speakers really made it worth my while to make the trip to Nashville.

If you were not there, you’re probably wondering what all the buzz was about.

During these three days, all the attendees had the opportunity to learn from very accomplished speakers and meet other attendees from around the country. I believe there were some international guests, as well.

Let’s dig into to this recap. I’m sure you saw pictures on social media (#BPCon2019) from from everyone who attended, but let’s discuss some of the content that was presented.

Content at BPCon 2019

With all the information and education that was available, it was unfortunately impossible to attend every single breakout session. I’m sure I missed tons of quality information—but what I did take in was top notch!

BP Conference 2019

Brandon’s Keynote

I’ll start with Brandon’s keynote day one. Yes, Brandon Turner the author, educator, investor, and host of the BiggerPockets Podcast (you probably know the voice to say it in).

Brandon shared his thoughts on the simple things that separate successful investors from those who give up, fail, and never get started. To sum his keynote up, Brandon shared that you have to jump in despite being scared. The time will never be right, but you have to make the best of each opportunity. No matter what you’re facing, you have to have the fortitude and challenge yourself.

So, we got started with a BANG!

Day 1 Breakout Sessions

I’m going to share with you the breakout sessions I attended and just a snippet of the content that was shared with the audience.

“Shift Happens” With Anson Young

Anson Young shares a lot of content on BiggerPockets, and he did not disappoint in person either. Anson discussed how the ebbs and flows in real estate are fluid. You and your business have to be just as fluid as the market.

Marketing is the lifeblood of finding great deals. In the industry today, many of us know it’s harder and harder to find deals. Anson shared with us proven strategies—like stacking—to ensure your marketing is targeting the correct seller. This is done by using more than one demographic to find motivated sellers.

For example, when doing direct mail, you will find a seller that is on multiple list such as he/she is on the absentee owner list, the out of state owner list, the property is vacant, who is behind on taxes and the water is cut off.

A person on this list highly motivated. Marketing does not have to wide (reach a lot of people). Marketing need to go deep to reach the right people.

“From 2 to 222 (and Beyond): How to Scale a Multi-Family Portfolio” With Liz Faircloth

Liz Faircloth and her husband Matt‘s breakout session was an eye opener—especially for me. I’m currently making the transition from single family to multifamily. Their strategy was simple and can be easily replicated.

They discussed the process of how they started with a few properties and re-purposed them. This was done by using the BRRRR strategy. If you are unfamiliar with buy, renovate, rent, refinance, repeat (BRRRR), I advise you to become familiar with it, because it’s a proven strategy to build wealth.

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The Faircloths are now syndicating deals across the country, and again, it got started with a few small multifamily properties.

These were just some of the sessions on day one. And while the first day was great, day two got started with an emotional keynote address from the founder of BiggerPockets, Josh Dorkin.


Josh Dorkin’s Keynote

Joshua Dorkin‘s story was so captivating that, even in a room of a few thousand people, everyone was listening so closely that you could hear a pin drop. The power of focus and intentionality was expressed, from Josh’s humble beginnings to the adversity his daughter and family had to overcome.

I was truly a witness to how focus and being intentional will create massive success in your life.  You really had to be there to grasp the magnitude of this keynote. My written words will not and cannot do it justice.

Day 2 Breakout Sessions

From “10 Pro Tips for Running Your Business Like a Business” by J Scott to “Becoming a Private Money Rockstar” by Jillian Sidoti, day two was another filled with quality content.

Sterling White shared his tips on finding off-market deals with “Forget the MLS: Direct Mail and Other Strategies to Find Off-Market Success,” and Paul Moore discussed “Moving on Up: Making the Switch from Residential to Commercial Real Estate Investing.” There was something for all levels of investors.

I can truly say the experience was well worth it. Being a blogger for BiggerPockets, I also had a chance to meet many of my fellow authors/bloggers. I will now have a deeper perspective when reading many articles on BP.

If you missed BPCon 2019, make sure you’re prepared for BPCon 2020! I sure will be.


Did you attend the conference? What were some of your key takeaways? If you didn’t, will you attend next year?

Let’s talk in the comment section below. 

Note By BiggerPockets: These are opinions written by the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of BiggerPockets.