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Surviving a Real Estate Crash and Investing Out-of-State with Kathy Fettke

Surviving a Real Estate Crash and Investing Out-of-State with Kathy Fettke

2 min read
The BiggerPockets Podcast

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A lot of investors love to talk about the good times. But for life-long real estate investors, failure is often inevitable, especially during real estate crashes. That’s why we’re excited to bring you this discussion with Kathy Fettke today on the BiggerPockets Podcast. Kathy started her journey toward financial independence after receiving shocking news from a doctor, but used that motivation to begin investing. Alongside her husband, Kathy built up an impressive portfolio but struggled during the latest real estate crash. Still, she was able to emerge (and thrive) from the lessons learned. Today, Kathy shares how to avoid the mistakes that led to her difficult times! She also shares insight into buying real estate at a distance and handling the problems that can arise from long-distance landlording.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • The story behind the radio show
  • How Kathy landed her first deal without money down
  • How she converted single family units to multifamilies
  • A discussion on FHA loans and house hacking
  • Key pieces of Robert Kiyosaki’s advice
  • Tips on buying from a distance and using property managers
  • What you should know about finding the right agents, CPAs, and property managers
  • What happened when Kathy got “too confident
  • The important lessons she learned after the collapse
  • What metrics to look for in a market
  • What it takes to come up with $3 million in five minutes
  • And SO much more!

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