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Achieving Impressive Spreads Through High-End Flips with Justin Silverio

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Achieving Impressive Spreads Through High-End Flips with Justin Silverio

Is your ultimate goal to increase the spreads of your investments to the point where you can comfortably quit your job? Tune in for a conversation with Justin Silverio, an investor who successfully made the switch to full-time real estate entrepreneur and who is now focusing on the niche of higher-end rehabs. For tips on deal evaluation, how to find contractors for your particular project, and direct mail strategies, don’t miss this inspiring episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Recap on last time Justin was a guest
  • Why he was afraid to close that first deal
  • Why he shifted to higher-end rehabs
  • Market dips — and how he proactively takes advantage of them
  • What key metrics he looks at when evaluating a deal
  • The profit spreads Justin looks for
  • Tips for finding contractors from lower end to higher end
  • How many deals he does now
  • How much he makes on each wholesale deal
  • Tips for creating criteria for prospective properties
  • How Justin does driving for dollars
  • His hoarder house story
  • What you should know about zoning restrictions that affect rebuiling a house
  • How to track a direct mail list
  • His experience quitting his job
  • His most exciting deals
  • And SO much more!

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