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BiggerPockets Podcast 220: Student Rentals, Multifamily, & the Silent Cash Flow Killer with Jesse Fragale

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Many people buy real estate hoping to make great cash flow. But all too often that cash flow is quickly eaten away by a silent but deadly thief. In this episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, Josh and Brandon sit down with real estate investor Jesse Fragale to hear his story and learn more about how this silent killer can eat away your profits if you don’t analyze a deal right. You’ll also learn how Jesse found a way to invest in a crazy expensive market, as well as tips on using partners, scaling to larger properties, and the worst pickup line Jesse has ever used!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Jason got into real estate because of a car
  • Why he chose the niche of student rentals
  • 4 ways to earn in real estate
  • Tips for managing student rentals
  • The worst day of Jason’s life (aka why CapEx is important)
  • How much you should prepare for capital expenditures
  • The pros and cons of student rentals
  • Thoughts on jumping into multifamily
  • What you should know about the 50% rule
  • Tips for finding the cap rate in an area
  • How to fund a deals using a partnership
  • A discussion on setting expectations with property managers
  • And SO much more!

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  • “The bigger the deal, the easier it is to do.” (Tweet This!)
  • “If you bring people a good deal, I believe that they will take it for what it’s worth.” (Tweet This!)
  • “I think there’s success in every facet of real estate.” (Tweet This!)

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Show Preview

Real strategies that work for real people seeking to build wealth through real estate investments. Co-hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, this podcast provides actionable advice from investo...
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    Greg Groves Rental Property Investor from Las Vegas, NV
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Another great show guys. I feel your pain with trying to grow in a hot market. I was in disbelief earlier this year on a property where I was competing with 65 other offers.
    Matt Avila Rental Property Investor from Charlotte, NC
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Ive been following / listening to BP podcasts for some time now, and I absolutely agree these are essential for newbies… however, I personally am growing tired of the nonsense ‘jabber’ and general goofiness that these seem to have taken a turn for. I get it – there might be a generational thing (Im a few years older than the hosts) and the old adage “he who has the gold makes the rules”, but I do have to question how many others are getting turned off by this. I use BP as a platform to exchange ideas and knowledge and take my investments seriously. I personally dont equate the goofiness as ‘serious’ to investments of this magnitude… then again I’m not buying $40k singles either. All in all I feel there are nuggets of goodness in these, but its also the 80/20 rule… roughly 80% of the jabber takes up most of the time, 20% of the entire podcast is actually worthwhile. As for the new section “personal questions”… completely worthless from a knowledge perspective in my opinion Just my thoughts and something to possibly consider.
    Shaidah Karim
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Nicely done with another Canadian! I wish I had thought to get into rentals while I was a student at UW.
    Nathan G. Real Estate Broker from Cody, WY
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Good show! I think the banter keeps it entertaining and the shows are fun to watch. Does it go on too long? Sometimes. Could you pack more usable information I to the show? Sure. But does anyone want to watch a one-hour discussion of the 50% rule andcap rates in Toronto? I believe the point of the podcast is to raise awareness on a variety of topics while getting to know an individual and their personal experience. If I’m interested in learning more about the 50% rule, I can search BiggerPockets and learn to my heart’s content about that subject.
    Replied over 3 years ago
    great guest, good information, terrible terrible amount of filler.