Joseph Asamoah

Expertise: Landlording & Rental Properties
10 Articles Written
Joe Asamoah, MBA, Ph.D., is a leading property investment strategist. He owns an impressive real estate portfolio of over 30 single-family homes in the Washington Metropolitan area—one of the highest-priced markets in the United States.

A 30+ year industry veteran, Dr. Joe’s commitment to investing in people and properties is central to his approach toward buying and renovating neglected homes in prime locations. The majority of his properties are rented to tenants with government housing vouchers. These low-income families would otherwise be unable to live in affluent areas where Dr. Joe champions preserving neighborhood diversity.

As an involved community entrepreneur, Dr. Joe spends ample time working with new, intermediate, and seasoned investors. In this capacity, he has made significant strides toward educating diverse groups on building sustainable wealth through real estate and landlording.

In 2018, Dr. Joe formed the Legacy Investment Network, a free, community membership platform. It is composed of thousands of investors and industry professionals who have access to Dr. Joe’s expertise, relevant topics, and real estate opportunities. Through his Joint Venture (JV) Program, Dr. Joe gives participants an opportunity to learn his systems and methods as they “look over his shoulders” while he completes BRRRR projects in real-time. Dr. Joe has taught over 500 students his unique investing system—designed to build wealth by leveraging the power of cash flow and appreciation.

Dr. Joe lives in Maryland with his wife and their two children.

Dr. Joe actively shares vital market advice and trend analyses on his weekly “Wealth Wednesday” Facebook and Instagram livestream events and his bi-weekly BiggerPockets livestreams. Dr. Joe had the honor of being featured on the cover of the April 2020 inaugural BiggerPockets Wealth magazine issue. He is a sought-after presenter and has been featured on numerous radio programs, speaking forums, and in major media outlets like the Washington Business Journal.

He's been featured on podcasts such as the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast #356 and the Real Estate Rookie Podcast #3, and has contributed several articles to the BiggerPockets Blog.

Instagram @rjoeasamoah