3 Ways Giving Thanks Leads to a Better Real Estate Business

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As active real estate investors, many of us would be happy with more incoming seller leads finding their way to our desk. This Thanksgiving season, start making it a point to consider giving more thanks to others you encounter on a daily basis. Before we go into some reasons why giving “genuine thanks” can lead to more happiness and a better word-of-mouth business, see a small list of people you may want to consider thanking next time you see them:

  • Real estate agents who have helped or supported you, even in the littlest ways.
  • Mortgage brokers who have helped or supported you, even in the littlest ways.
  • Bird-dogs who have helped or supported you, even in the littlest ways.
  • Investor friends who have helped or supported, you even in the littlest ways.
  • Mentors who have helped or supported you, even in the littlest ways.
  • Partners who have helped or supported you, even in the littlest ways.
  • Mobile home park managers/owners — if you invest in mobile homes.
  • Anyone within real estate who has helped or supported you, even in the littlest ways.


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1. Helpfulness leads to win-win relationships.

Most people feel better about themselves when they are able to provide value and help to others. When you provide a genuine and heartfelt thank you to those you deal with in the real estate space, there are typically two scenarios that will take place.

  1. If the person whom you are thanking has already provided value to you, then they may likely feel honored and acknowledged for the effort and value they have brought to you in the past. The intended result is for your kindness to ultimately be returned in the form of a win-win relationship.
  2. If the person whom you are thanking has not already provided value to you or your business, they may feel persuaded to return your kindness with a favor. The intended result is for your kindness to ultimately be returned in the form of a win-win relationship.

Pro Tip: Being specific in your “thank you” may help foster positive behaviors and minimize negative behaviors. (Example: “Thank you, Mr. Real Estate Agent, for pulling those expired listings for me last week.”)

2. TOMA leads to repeat business.

TOMA is an acronym standing for Top Of Mind Awareness. When anyone in your circle of influence hears about a property for sale that fits your criteria, they should immediately think of you. If this does not happen, then you do not have “top of mind awareness” with these specific individuals.

Pro Tip: The old adage “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” certainly applies here. Get into the habit of being the “grateful and thankful” person people like and talk about. Consider calling folks back within 48 hours to thank them for their help and services. Even if these folks were only doing their jobs, a sincere thank you may go a long way to make a friend and close another future deal.


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3. Self-thanks leads to your best self.

The first two topics both have to do with directly giving thanks and speaking one-on-one with people you work with on a regular or occasional basis. In this way, you are directly affecting people by increasing their self-worth and admiration, if only for a little while. However, perhaps the person in most need of a genuine thank you is your past self. The version of you from two years ago or two days ago deserves a thank you for certain things that have brought you closer to your goals.

Pro Tip: Aim to write down three things daily you are proud of yourself for accomplishing. (Example: “I am proud I made the time to read 30 minutes today.” “I am proud I called three sellers today.” “I am proud I found the courage to ask questions I didn’t know the answers to today.”)

Always remember that real estate investing is a journey. The journey is the fun part. We almost never reach the end by ourselves, and there is a team of people who have helped us directly and indirectly along the way. Aim to give credit and thanks when due. Plus, don’t forget to love and respect the most important person in your real estate investing business — you.

Who are YOU thankful for this year?

Let me know with a comment!

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  1. Will Vo

    Great article John I think number 3 on your list is very important. Regardless of what the end result is always give yourself praise for trying something that helps you better your business. If you don’t you may start believing some of it is a waste of time when in reality your one step closer to achieving your goals.

  2. Jerry W.

    I love this article. It provided me with a good shot in the arm as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed today. I have a grueling week at work this week and have worked fixing numerous things on rentals I cannot seem to get a handyman to do. Of course I have a dozen other ones that I need to get done soon as well.

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