How to Invest in Paper With 12% Returns (Yes, It’s Possible!)

How to Invest in Paper With 12% Returns (Yes, It’s Possible!)

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Are you a wholesaler, rehabber, or landlord?

Are you tired of dealing with tenants, toilets, and termites?

Do you want to achieve financial freedom sooner AND more simply than you thought possible?

Solution: Learn How to Invest in Real Estate Notes!

It’s a big, scary, potentially confusing investment idea, but Dave Van Horn wrote an entire book that simplifies notes, provides real-life anecdotes, and helps you achieve a strategic, step-by-step plan that WILL help you become financially free.

No, you don’t need a million dollars to start.

No, you don’t even need one hundred thousand dollars to start!

Real estate notes have an enormous range of price points. Dave helps you figure out how to find and purchase the right one for your needs!

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce to you our new book Real Estate Note Investing! It’s officially here!

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Dave Van Horn is the expert in notes. Since 2007, he has served as president and CEO of PPR Note Co., a holding company that manages several funds that buy, sell, and hold residential mortgages nationwide. He’s had more than 30 years of residential and commercial real estate experience as a licensed realtor, a real estate investor, and a fundraiser. Dave has raised over $100 million in notes and commercial real estate.

But, Dave’s biggest passion is to teach others how to share, build, and preserve wealth—which is why he’s BiggerPockets’ newest author!

So, What is a Note?

Truth is, you’ve probably already come across a note in your life. Any student loan, car loan, or mortgage is a type of note! Dave breaks down each type (and the pros and cons of each) throughout his book.

Dave teaches you how to go from being on the borrowing side of the business to the “right” side of the business — the side that makes money! With this book, you’ll learn how to become the investor that cashes the check rather than writing one!

Here are just a few of the things Dave covers inside this book:

  •       Make big profits investing in notes, even with no experience.
  •       Use notes to raise more money for your physical real estate deals.
  •       Recognize the different types of notes—and learn which ones to stay away from!
  •       Use note investing to pay for expenses or simply to provide additional cash flow.
  •       Raise money easily by understanding and appealing to private investors.
  •       Squeeze more profits out of the deals you’re already doing.
  •       Utilize creative offers and multiple financing strategies.
  •       Make strong returns without the pain of dealing with tenants.
  •       Become the bank and begin to use every form of leverage you have available!

And so much more!

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  • Bonus video: How to Make Double-Digit Returns with Real Estate Notes  Do you know how to find notes? And how to achieve a 12%+ return with those notes? Watch this video interview with Brandon Turner to learn how!
  • Bonus audio interview: How to Avoid the Biggest Asset Protection Mistakes Investors Make  Learn from the best: Mary Hart Esq., an asset-protection lawyer with many years in the business, teaches you how to protect your assets on your next real estate purchase!

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