5 Simple Steps to Get You Moving Towards a Productive 2017

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Most people spend time setting New Year’s resolutions. I have never set New Year’s resolutions, as I think these are a complete waste of my time. Instead, I always set yearly goals in the November timeframe for the coming year. By mid-December, you should be all set with your goals and ready to roll come January 1st.

Many real estate investors have no problem dreaming big. However, these same people don’t have plans and strategies written down on how they are going to move towards their dreams.

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5 Simple Steps to Get You Moving Towards a Productive 2017

In today’s video, I review a simple five-step process to help you assess where you are and where you want to go. The process will help you review this year and will help you set goals, strategies, and a plan for the coming year.

I would love to hear from you. What one thing are you doing to prepare yourself for 2017?

Thanks for watching and commenting!

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Elizabeth Faircloth

Liz Faircloth has been managing and investing in real estate since 2004, along with her husband, Matt. We have built our business from scratch and now own over five million dollars in residential and commercial assets. We love to help and educate investors. Our YouTube Channel, The Landlord’s Chronicles, offers short, yet educational videos that covers topics such as flipping houses, rentals, rehabs, property management, and lessons learned along the way. http://www.youtube.com/c/DerosaGroupTrenton


  1. Jerry W.

    Thanks you for taking the time to do this article. I always enjoy the posts from you and Matt. The two of you clearly have a lot of experience and expertise. More importantly you two are always willing to share your knowledge to everyone. A lot of the blogs I see are poorly disguised sales pitches designed to get folks to contact the writer and buy from them. I have yet to see a sales pitch. The odds of me getting to NJ are pretty slim, but if you come through Wyoming please look me up. I very much like your business model and your way of thinking. Good luck and best wishes to you in the upcoming holidays.

    • Elizabeth Faircloth

      Jerry W- thanks so much for your kind words!! Both Matt and I work hard to contribute helpful value add education on Bigger Pockets! Thanks for taking note of our effort!! We have never been to Wyoming but if we ever get out there would love to meet up with you!! Good luck with putting your 2017 plan together as well. If you stay focused on continuous improvement – you can’t go wrong!! Thanks again!!

  2. Chuck Brooking

    Great stuff and very timely. I decided a few weeks ago to start using quarterly tasks/goals in addition to my yearly goals. I believe they are more actionable and will provide either more results or thought on why the goal wasn’t achieved. Thanks!

    • Elizabeth Faircloth

      Hi Brandon:
      Thanks for watching this video and for checking out the YouTube channel. If you ever have any real estate investing question, we have a series called Mentorship Monday, where we answer questions from our subscribers. Just email us at [email protected].
      We are happy to help!
      All the best as you finish out 2016 and plan for next year!

    • Elizabeth Faircloth

      So great to hear, Matt! It is all about setting goals, being accountable to those goals, and making tweaks along the way. We are always making tweaks and adjustments in our business and real estate investing strategy. Good luck to you. Bigger Pockets is an amazing resource. Your local REIA (real estate investing group) is also probably a great resource for you. You also can find some real estate investing groups on meetup.com. Good luck to you and all the best for a wonderful 2017!!

  3. Michael Slockers

    Thanks Liz, simple and to the point.

    I wonder how you determined it best to start with Q1 goals instead of doing, as many do, what is the “vision” or 5-year goal, and what do we need to accomplish in 2017 in order to set us on course for that?

    Regardless, I think your method is extremely actionable and can be accomplished by everyone who reads this!

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