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Listen Up: These Are the Top 9 Podcasts for Real Estate Investors

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If you have questions about real estate investing, there is a podcast episode with answers. And these answers are probably coming from some of the top names in real estate investing and business.

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Wisdom from the greatest entrepreneurs and investors is incredibly easy to access nowadays. You just have to open your favorite podcast app and pick an episode that interests you.

Listen in on the most exciting and insightful conversations in real estate with a podcast. There are plenty of options to choose from, so I’ve narrowed down the list to nine that I’ve found particularly valuable. And don’t worry—there’s plenty of information for new investors, long-time business owners, and everyone in between.

  1. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast
  2. Cardone Zone
  3. Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
  4. The Real Estate Guys
  5. Planet Money
  6. Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow
  7. Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank
  8. Flipping Junkie
  9. Real Estate Nerds

BiggerPockets Podcast

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The BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast doesn’t make the top of the list because I’m writing this on Bigger Pockets. It is really one of the best resources a real estate investor can use.

You can listen to over 320 episodes featuring real estate investors from every background. If you’ve listened to this BiggerPockets show before, you know how valuable this information is to real estate investors in any niche. If you haven’t, start out with these must-listen episodes.

Cardone Zone

Grant Cardone is one of the most revered speakers in the world of real estate investing and finance. He owns multiple private companies that generate over $100 million in revenue. The guy knows what he’s talking about.

You can listen to over 500 episodes of the Cardone Zone podcast. Selling, marketing, investing, advertising, raising funds—it’s all in there. He’s even got episodes with his wife, talking about the business of marriage.

No matter what topic Grant is covering, you know it’s going to be blunt, brilliant, and worth a listen.

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Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

With a name like this, you have to deliver. Joe Fairless’ podcast isn’t just the best ever; it’s also the longest-running real estate podcast. Listeners can enjoy a new episode every day on their commute to work or at the gym or while walking their dog.

Episodes are short and sweet, with some as short as 12 minutes. If you just want quick tips, you can grab one- to five-minute highlights. Podcasts during the weekend are themed (#SkillSetSunday and #FollowAlongFriday), keeping things consistent.

The Real Estate Guys

This is another long-running show; it started as a radio show back in 1997! Even after decades of episodes, listeners can count on The Real Estate Guys for a more fun and quirky look at the world of investing. Get excited for the workday while raking in some valuable knowledge.

Planet Money

Cars stuck in traffic at an intersection

I’m including NPR’s Planet Money podcast because it provides a more broad look at the economy in general. There are plenty of episodes about real estate, but you can also hear a 20-minute episode about startups, lawsuits, and taxes.

Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow

If you’re more interested in commercial real estate, Kevin Bupp is the guy for you. Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow takes a closer look at investing in mobile homes, offices, self-storage, you name it.

Enjoy over 250 episodes that just talk about the commercial side of things. Don’t worry if you’re beginning the transition from residential investing or you’re just getting started. Nuggets of wisdom can be found in every episode that speak to investors of all levels.

Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank

This is another niche show that continues to top the lists of best real estate podcasts. Michael Blank wants his listeners to become financially free in three to five years by investing in apartments.

How? He’s got over 200 episodes with answers. Don’t sleep on Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank.

Michael is also a big contributor to BiggerPockets. Take a look around this site for some of his best commercial real estate insights.

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Flipping Junkie

Maybe you don’t want to get into commercial real estate. Maybe you want to be the next HGTV star and flip houses for a living. Tune into Flipping Junkie and listen to a couple that made it work for them.

Danny and Melissa Johnson have over 15 years of experience flipping houses. Their podcasts don’t just give you big-picture strategies.They get into the finer details of flipping houses and give listeners practical tactics for a successful flip. This podcast certainly appeals to the flipping nerd in all of us.

Real Estate Nerds

Speaking of dorks, I’m not just making these recommendations because I like listening to these podcasts. I know the people behind the mic, and I’ve talked to many of them on their show and on my own podcast!

Here’s the part where I sneak in some information about my podcast. I started Real Estate Nerds in 2018 to help listeners and real estate nerds see the fine print in every deal. Real estate investors are more vulnerable than you might think. In order to protect yourself, you will need to understand the market and avoid mistakes that trap even the best investors.

Take a listen and enjoy exciting conversations with Grant, Kevin, and other top real estate investors in the country. REN is here to help you build your real estate empire.

Which podcasts would you add to this list? Why? 

Share in the comment section below!

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    James Orr Real Estate Agent from Fort Collins, CO
    Replied 29 days ago
    I'd add the Nomad Real Estate Investor Podcast to the list. Unlike a lot of the other podcasts, the episodes are stand alone well-researched classes on topics primarily for buy and hold, Nomads and house hackers. Most episodes are about 2 hours long and exhaustively cover a specific investing topic. There are over 150 episodes.
    Kenneth Chen from Jersey City, NJ
    Replied 29 days ago
    Not a podcast per se, but I adore Meet Kevin on YouTube, his points of view on rehab, his enlightening overview on the numbers, and the way he shares suggestions based upon how he invests and behaves in the world. I am a true novice, and but I find Meet Kevin to be original, creative, inspiring, perceptive, generous, and accessible.
    Kris Bennett Specialist from Charlotte, NC
    Replied 29 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this list. Of the ones mentioned, I've only listened to the BP podcast and Best Ever with Joe Fairless. I'll have to check out the others!
    Jeff Schechter Investor from Indianapolis, IN
    Replied 28 days ago
    The High Return Real Estate Show is pretty amazing too, but I'm biased. :)(
    Adrian Ayub
    Replied 28 days ago
    Gen Z R.E.I. will be up there in the future
    Chris De Celle Rental Property Investor from Los Angeles, CA
    Replied 27 days ago
    The Old Capital Podcast with Michael Becker and Pau Peebles is a real educational listen.
    Duane Kidman Professional from Mansfield, Texas
    Replied 26 days ago
    It's obvious that you cannot list all the great RE Podcasts, and everyone has their favorites according to their investment niche or plan. I'd like to add another to the list of greats: Wholesale Inc. with Tom Krol and Cody Hofhine. These guys are disrupting wholesaling and other types of REI. Cheers.