Latest Episode • August 4, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 67: Thinking BIG and Raising $70 Million with Jay Reno

Have you ever thought about starting a BIG business?  Ever wondered what the first steps were to raising tens of millions of dollars?  Do you unintentionally impose limitations on what you think you can accomplish? Have you ever thought, “If I just had more money, I could take my idea to the next le ... show more

A real-world MBA for entrepreneurs

What does it take to start, scale, and sell your own business? Every Tuesday, J and Carol Scott ask this question to entrepreneurs of all stripes and delve into stories that go beyond the launch. From hiring and firing to marketing and raising capital, this podcast takes an honest look at the triumphs and stumbles of entrepreneurship. Whether you’re looking to sustain a startup or bring an idea to life, you’ll come away inspired. Tune in—and learn how to treat your business like a business.

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July 28, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 66: Leveraging COVID and Other Timely Trends to Build Wealth With John Berlingieri

Are you looking for some motivation on how to make money during this pandemic? If so, this episode is for you! John Berlingieri -- serial entrepreneur and creator of The Sanitizing Station -- te ... show more

July 21, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 65: From 14-Year-Old Entrepreneur to National Brand With Sean Pour

Do you think you’re too inexperienced to start a business? Do you think you don’t have the required education to be an entrepreneur? Do you think you don’t have the marketing chops to create a success ... show more

July 14, 2020

BP Business Podcast 64: Building Your Brand and Getting to the Front of the Room with Erik Cabral

Do you long for the day you can leave your full-time job working for someone else? Ever think to yourself, “What if I take all this time and energy to build something for myself?!” Or are you exhauste ... show more

July 7, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 63: Full-Time Firefighting While Building a Million-Dollar Business With Lance Korhorn

Do you feel like you don’t have the knowledge and experience to start your own business? Perhaps you're looking for a way to leverage your full-time job to find the right business opportunity? Or mayb ... show more

June 30, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 62: Building a Massively Profitable Business Around Your Passions With Alex French

Are you looking to build a business around something you love and are passionate about? Do you want to ensure that the business you’re working on has massive profit potential? Are you concerned that y ... show more

June 23, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 61: Launching a Hands-Off 'Cash Cow' Business With Less Than $100K, Step by Step With Ashley Kehr

Have you ever thought about creating a brick-and-mortar retail operation from scratch? Ever wonder what hoops you have to jump through to get a liquor license and launch a business selling alcohol? Ev ... show more

June 16, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 60: Turning Your Passion Into a Scalable Business With Tammeca Rochester

On today's show, learn how to identify a personal passion and/or need, combine it with your professional skillset, and launch a business that energizes you and your community. Tammeca Rochester sit ... show more

June 9, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 59: A Sweet Deal: Buying a Chocolate Company With No Money Out of Pocket With Ryan Novak

Have you ever thought about taking over an existing business? Would you like to purchase a business with no money out of your pocket? Have you ever considered what it would take to expand a local busi ... show more

June 2, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 58: Elevating Your Business & Investments in 3 Words With Josh McCallen

What differentiates good businesses from great businesses? What is that thing that keeps your customers coming back time after time? How do you ensure that your product or service really stands out fr ... show more

May 26, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 57: Negotiating with Joe Exotic and Buying the Exclusive Licensing Rights to “Tiger King" with Tim Shiner

We've all heard the adage about the importance of multiple streams of income. Today's guest takes that idea to a whole new level... From patents to books to real estate to businesses to licensing r ... show more

May 19, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 56: From Poverty to Millions Through Laundromats with Dave Menz

If you've found this show, you probably have that entrepreneurial itch... and you've probably wrestled with just how to turn that impulse into action. Well, that transition is exactly what today's ... show more

May 12, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 55: Moving Your Competition Out of the Way While Spending Nothing on Marketing with Ryan Welch

Are you looking for ways to increase your profitability while spending less on marketing and customer acquisition? Are you running a business where differentiating yourself from the competition is dow ... show more

May 5, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 54: $4M in Revenue in 6 Months Through Software & Licensing with Brennan Tolman & Nik Krohn

Have you figured out a good business model that is consistently making money but don’t know how to expand? Itching to take your local business national? Ready to put your business on auto-pilot, gener ... show more

April 28, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 53: Fixing All Your Business Problems, One at a Time with Mike Michalowicz

Are you overwhelmed with all the things you’re falling behind on in your business? Not sure what to do next? Have you been taught to believe that as business owners, we need to tackle all of our busin ... show more

April 21, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 52: Murder Scenes, Meth Labs, and 27 Franchises with Laura Spaulding

Not happy in your current career? Looking to do something entrepreneurial but don’t know where to start? Well, maybe this is the inspiration you need to build something HUGE! Laura Spaulding is a f ... show more

April 14, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 51: Business Opportunity Is Knocking… Answer the Door! With Nigel Guisinger

This show is a wake-up call for young and hungry entrepreneurs. The main message: there is a massive wealth transfer underway in this country. An entire generation of business owners is reaching re ... show more

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