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Write for Us: Contribute to Our Real Estate Blog

BiggerPockets is the top real estate investing destination online and we’re looking for talented writers who are capable of creating original articles to contribute to our blog, The BiggerPockets Blog.

We DO NOT accept one-off Guest Blogs – We’re looking for committed individuals who want to share their knowledge and opinions to our users on a regular basis.

What Do You Need to Do to Be Considered as a Contributor?

All we need is to see that you are able to write effectively about real estate. Send us links to your blog or to any articles you may have written so we can judge your skills!

What Do You Get in Return?

For contributing to our blog, you get several perks . . . primarily, you get Exposure!

Authors who can commit to contributing 1 guest post per week to our blog get the following (NOTE: Inactive posters will be removed from the contributor page and sidebar of the blog):

  • A bio, profile image, author page with links to all your content, and link to their website within our bio box.contribute3
  • Their picture, name, and website on our blog’s sidebar.contribute2
  • Weekly to bi-weekly promotion of their articles on the BiggerPockets Newsletter (approx. 80,000+ subscribers as of 1/1/14)

Our blog is regularly ranked at the top of the search engines for articles that appear on it, and has been named one of the top blogs in both the business and real estate worlds. We’ve had syndication deals with some of the largest destinations online, and are always seeking new ways to promote our authors and content. Traffic to BiggerPockets now exceeds 1/2 million monthly unique visitors, and continues to grow — that means our writers get a TON of visibility.

Whether you’re looking to build yourself a name in the business, or if you just want to bring additional interest and traffic to your own blog, this is a great opportunity!

Who Are We Looking for To Contribute?

We’re currently looking for people from all aspects of real estate to help contribute to the blog. If you fall in one of the below areas of expertise, please contact us:

  • Commercial real estate sales – we want someone who can break down the world of commercial real estate to our readers
  • Contracting – we’re looking for contractors who can break down basic repair and upgrade projects.
  • Landlording – we want landlords who can “keep it real” with the rest of us about the business
  • Lending and Mortgages – are you a traditional, commercial, or hard money lender? We’d love to hear from you!
  • Real Estate News – we are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about the news. If you love real estate news, let us know
  • Real Estate Online – we’re looking for pros in the world of real estate blogging, websites, etc. If you like to review stuff, you’re our man (or woman)
  • Residential real estate sales – we need real estate agents who are familiar with working with investors
  • Wholesaling – we’re looking for experienced wholesalers to help share their knowledge
  • Any of many other assorted areas of expertise . . . if you’re an expert at something real estate investing-related and love writing about it, let us know!

Of Course there are Rules, Right?

You guessed it! We’ve had many people express interest in contributing to the blog, but many of them wanted to do so only if they could use their articles to link to their websites. As we’re looking to maintain a high standard for the blog, this caused a problem for us. We’ve established the following rules as a result of dealing with that:

  1. All articles are to be used once and only once. You may not reproduce the article on your own blog or any other article websites.
  2. Authors may not link to their own websites in contributed articles. If you’re referencing news or articles from other bloggers, you must attribute your sources, but we will not allow links back to your own blogs. This rule eliminates the creation of fluff posts with the sole intention of promoting another site.
  3. Authors may not post any affiliate links or referral codes in their posts. Any author links must be approved by BiggerPockets, Inc.
  4. Any images used in your posts must be original, or those from the public domain. You are expected to properly attribute images that you use.
  5. Authors are expected to follow copyright laws and not infringe on others rights. This means no stealing of other’s articles or other works.
  6. Authors will be entitled to a bio below their articles and a link on the blog sidebar, provided they are regular weekly contributors. Those contributors who cannot maintain a regular posting schedule will have their bio and mini-sidebar profiles removed.
  7. Once an article is posted to the BiggerPockets blog it becomes the property of BiggerPockets, Inc.

NOTE: By agreeing to contribute to this blog, you must agree to all of the above conditions.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know how things work, get ready to be a part of the top real estate blogging team online! All you need to do is contact us

Not able to commit . . .
Don’t forget, you can always create a free blog on our real estate blogging network if writing for our official blog doesn’t work for your needs. It is a great place to get exposure, with a built in audience of well over 150,000!