Motivated Seller Questionaire

Saturday, June 06

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Business Plan Spring 2018 - Action Steps

Wednesday, June 03

A Lease Option Assignment Business Plan for 2018If you're experienced in lease options, subject to's, wraparound mortgages, installment sales, etc, you might want to ignore this post.Because credit is tight right now you should look at having a problem-solving real estate business.I call it"don't...

Learn How to Negotiate with Home Sellers

Wednesday, June 03

I learned these negotiating skills 30 years ago when I had a mentor and I'm paying it forward See wishes,Brian

I have bad credit - Can I be a Real Estate Investor?

Wednesday, June 03

Bad Credit Real Estate Investor - Bad Credit Real Estate EntrepreneurI've title this "bad credit real estate investor bad credit real estate entrepreneur"Let's talk about where you need good creditTo get a car loan, to get an FHA loan or conventional loan, even to get a good job with the US gov...

Student Loans and Tenant Buyers

Wednesday, May 27

You have to know Student loans and how they impact home loan origination!See this article on my blog.

3 Action steps for a better Credit FICO Score

Saturday, May 23

I always tell my REI Students to do 3 things:1. See 2 websites: and, read everything.2. Get an envelope, start with $1000 goal, put cash in there every week, get the $1000 goal saved, go to the bank OR pay off debt with it.3. Do Bank Round Robin, take a $1000, talk to t...