Posted almost 5 years ago

Do you have what it takes to build a city?

Even with the best location in the world, it still takes very special people with the vision and strength of character to visualize what has not yet been built - such is the case with Tiberias, Israel ...


Granted that Tiberias has long been viewed as a sleepy little city best known for inexpensive housing, strong religious and family neighborhoods reminiscent of the 50's, religious and historic tour sites, hotels stretching to the shoreline of the Kinneret offering affordable holiday accomodations; and a wide variety of great water activities. In addition, the roadsides are known country-wide as amazing camp sites for thousands of north Israel bound adventurers year round!


Underneath this nostalgic, peaceful serenity is a strong desire to rise to the forefront as new pioneers of Israel's growth and entry into the new millenium as a center of culture, entertainment, education, business and living ...


If you haven't visited for a while, maybe now is the time ... Tiberias has beautifully designed and built Private Homes, Apartments and Villas, many with additional living units perfect for the realization of a nice rental income. Beautiful and affordable, especially in comparison to the rest of the country.


As we have seen over the last year, there have been aggressive renovation projects throughout the city including the entire acqueduct system under the downtown streets, sidewalk repavements in most of the adjacent mature and upscale neighborhoods, complete reconstruction and upgrading of the busy city center retail and business district with a beautiful portcullis-covered pedestrian walkway and garden rest area ... and much more!


All in preparation for the next stage of growth and development in the history of this amazing city ...


In addition to 2 new residential building projects offering the 'Next Generation of Luxury Living in Tiberias' there is a fabulous Chic Retail / Boutique Hotel / Tourism Center being buily in the heart of what will be the Cultural and Entertainment Center of Tiberias!


Investing in the larger cities is the norm, but I say '... dare to be different!' Not only will your money buy you more here in Tiberias, but the overall value of the property you purchase has nowhere to go but up ... you've worked hard for your money, let it now work hard for you!


The excitement is building - as are the excellent investment opportunities here in Tiberias, on the shore of the sparkling sapphire waters of the Kinneret!


For more information please contact Alon Properties North Israel at 077.4339060, email [email protected] or visit either website (English) or Alon.Nadlan.Name (Hebrew) for the most recent and comprehensive real estate listings in North Israel!