Posted almost 9 years ago

Another Liar

We had a great time Saturday riding mountain bikes at Momba, in Dayton. What a beautiful mountain biking course it is! The trails were almost perfectly maintained and well marked. All of the bridges were absolutely beautiful and several of the bridges were actually curved. It is by far the best course I've ridden yet. We rode every inch of the course and it was just a little over 10 miles.

Today, I ran an application on a potential tenant for my six bedroom house. This married couple looked good and said all the right things. However, after only about 30 seconds of screening, I discovered that they had been evicted in 2005, which they lied about. That ended the screening and I wrote REJECTED on the application.

I did work about 3 hours on a rental today. Nothing exciting, just routine maintenance, including fixing a broken shower handle. I also did a little stock trading today, selling a covered call (option) on the Ford Stock that I bought. I'm expecting that the stock market will be going lower in the very near future. I'm afraid that all we've seen is a bear market rally.

This is going to be another short week. I'm taking another 4-day weekend to go camping, probably for the last time this year. We'll be gone Thursday through Sunday and will be riding two or three different mountain biking courses. Should be a lot of fun.

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  1. Tiny 1491858518 avatar biggerpo

    Great advice!

  2. Tiny 1398784517 avatar mikeoh

    Most of the courts in Ohio are online. You should be able to google your city and county along with the word "court" and find it easily. It's helpful if you know the name of the courts in your area. For example, you could google "Franklin County Municipal Court" and get the website for that court. Then, enter the public access section and you can search the criminal records (including eviction records). EASY!

  3. Tiny 1398788110 avatar dafly

    What office in the municipal and county courts do you have to contact to check them out?

  4. Tiny 1398784517 avatar mikeoh

    I always start my screening by checking the county and city court records. When I checked the municipal court records, the eviction was right there! BUSTED!

  5. Tiny 1491858518 avatar biggerpo

    Hey Mike - what did you do to determine that they had been evicted, despite their app? Call to the previous landlord?