Posted about 4 years ago

Can't wait for the future.

I started another semester of school this evening. Although I am taking online classes for now, I cannot wait to get started. It really keeps my mindset going, and motivates me to keep pushing towards my goals. This time next year I should be in NYC going to school on campus, and doing deals back here in Oklahoma. Plus, an Oklahoma real estate license has reciprocity in New York, so I can do that there, too.

Some may say that getting a Masters in Real Estate could be a waste of time. Especially, since I don't ever want to work for someone else. However, it will give me a few things. 1. A sense of achievement (it's just a goal of mine). Plus, it's an excuse to move to NYC for a bit. 2. More credibility with private investors. 3. It will teach me how to run my business to the best of my abilities, and for the long run. 4. Worst comes to worst, I have a Masters in Real Estate and can hopefully find a job easily.

I am looking forward to this semester and the future. Hope everyone is out there doing deals and enjoying it.