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8 Tips for Real Estate Agents to Market Online

The real estate business is one that’s rapidly growing. With a number of active and updated real estate agents in the field, you have to work even harder to position yourself as unique and become the top choice of customers in your real estate market.

Why Online Marketing?

In the world of internet, all kinds of businesses are actively marketing and making their presence online. Although many people still prefer the traditional way of getting in touch with the sales agents to get all their concerns addressed by them. Yet, many still get all the needed information, the names of the top ranked sales agencies and other property details online, before going the step further in real estate buying/selling.

As per a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors, about 92% of the people start their house search online today.

Here are a few real estate agent marketing tips for establishing a good web presence and promoting their business online:

  • 1.Get Yourself Known on All Major Social Platforms
  • Facebook.
  • Pinterest.
  • YouTube.
  • Google+.
  • Twitter.
  • Instagram, etc.

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Are all renowned social platforms actively used by a majority of the buyers and sellers all over the world. Making a presence on these platforms and keeping it active, with one or more posts a day will work wonders in getting your name known and registered in the customers’ minds.

If they’ve seen your name and work in their news feed, or on any of the above platforms, it will play a major role in influencing their decision to choose you from amongst others.

You should also make this presence apparent on your website by adding the icons to these websites and linking them to these social platforms.

2. Work on Your Website

The website is your primary presence on the internet. It says everything about your business. The way you have designed it, the graphics, the content you have displayed as well as the interface all play a key role in attracting or driving the customers away from your business.

When people visit your website, they want information, what you do, how you do it and how they can get in touch with you. So, it is recommended that you should work on designing an interactive and simple web page for ease of use and appeal.

The layout should be engaging and it should give the audience the following essential information:

  • Details about the neighboring area.
  • Relevant resources and links.
  • Property details, lists and currently available for sale houses, etc. (updated regularly)
  • Description about you and your sales team.
  • How can the customers get in touch with you?

It is the best to keep your interface simple, uncluttered and easy to navigate. This will save the customers’ time and also make them stick around your website for longer.

3. Make Use of Graphics

When buying a house, the neighborhood and the surrounding area play a very important role in impacting the choice. Major factors that influence the decision to buy a home include having the following key elements in close proximity:

  • Offices.
  • Schools.
  • General stores, malls, markets, etc.
  • Hospital or medical facilities.
  • Parks, rides and other activities for children.

You need to portray whatever benefits the customers are getting alongside the house in a beautiful and picturesque way. Highlight the positives in the area and include the best graphics.

Do make sure that all the images you use are in Hi-resolution and eye-catching in order to gain attention.

You can also hire a professional photographer for the task. You can also use animated videos as introductory videos, or give your audience a virtual tour of the neighborhood through a video. This will increase the traffic on your web page and also enable the viewers to get the required information in the shortest possible time.

4. Make Use of Emails

One good real estate agent marketing tip is to build a strong relationship with the existing and potential clients. Get your website visitors to leave their email addresses as they visit your website and enter all those accounts in your database.

Email marketing is considered among the most cost-effective online marketing strategy with high ROI. Send out periodic emails including updates, free newsletters, open house announcements, and information about new houses as and when they get put up for sale, to the customers. This will help you become the top choice of the customers, even when they are not actively looking for houses. As finding your emails in their account, your name popping up with all the interesting news every now and then will be fruitful in making their choice in your favor, when the time comes.

5. Create A Niche for Yourself

A great real estate agent marketing tip is to look for any space or area left unexplored by the competitors. This will help you find a USP for yourself and stand out from amongst the rest.

It doesn’t have to be a huge difference to be unique. You just have to provide an extra benefit or some value to the customer to stand out. This may be done, for instance by categorizing yourself as a real-estate service for Widows, or divorcees or for families with kids, etc.

Categorizing and positioning yourself in the niche helps attract the relevant customers to your business.

6. Look for Unique Ideas to Answer Queries

Customers may always be a little reluctant to approach you and ask questions. It is your job and a great real estate agent marketing tip, to make it easier for them to approach you.

A few of the traditional ways to interact with customers include:

  • A contact us form on the web page.
  • A phone number.
  • An email address.

Now people still need easier and quicker responses. A few ideas in this regard include:

  • The inclusion of FAQs on the website.
  • Conducting seminars for the neighborhood.
  • Hosting webinars.

7.  Place Adverts. On Social Platforms

Although this will add to your costs, a nice advertisement placed on the most widely used social networks like Facebook is one of the most effective real estate agent marketing tips for building your clientele.

The ads placed online also cost far less than those placed on the ATL channels such as TV, radio and print media.

The ads placed on the internet platforms also helps you direct the message to the right audience instead of targeting the masses. This way people feel more comfortable reach out to you when approached on a personal level.

8. Include Client Testimonials

One key real estate agent marketing tip is to show the website visitors the actual stories and testimonials about your business. Since it is a service, business usually comes through word of mouth and the experience of the other customers.

Testimonials and reviews play a great role in moving the undecided customer. So, every time a customer expresses satisfaction or delight with your service, make sure you get a review or testimonial to add to your website.

A few additional real estate agent marketing tips include:

  • Include blogs or links to useful information for the customers on your website.
  • Include relevant market information to assist the customers.
  • Ask previous customers for referrals.
  • Be very, and I mean very responsive!

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The key to being successful is to stand out as extraordinary and to include something unique as part of your promotional strategy. If you wish to stay within the comfort zone and similar to the other businesses, you can never expect to have an edge over them.

We hope the above real estate agent marketing tips will be helpful for you and yield better returns on your business.