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BPInsights gives you the information you need to find your next great deal and maximize your current investments.

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Successful investing requires accurate, easy-to-understand information about your properties and the markets you invest in.

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We licensed data from the industry’s top providers to ensure BiggerPockets Pro and Premium members have access to every change in the market, as it happens.

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Whether you're analyzing a new investment or ensuring your current properties are appropriately priced, Property Insights delivers accurate comps to inform your strategy.

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Our team of expert real estate investors and analysts break down market trends to help you digest crucial information so you can better manage your investing.

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Download spreadsheets produced by the BPInsights team so you can personalize the data and conduct your own analysis.

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Super insightful, great value add!

BPInsights provides a concise look at what's happening nationally - you can then apply it to your local markets.

Relevant data leads to more objectivity and less subjectivity. BPInsights will be very helpful!


Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions about BPInsights

How do I access the data spreadsheets?

Data spreadsheets are available to Pro and Premium members in the BPInsights Data Downloads. Click the "download" link to the right of the spreadsheet(s) you would like to view.

Is there a password for the data spreadsheets?

Passwords for data spreadsheets are specified next to each spreadsheet download button in the BPInsights Data Downloads.

Where does BPInsights data come from?

Property Insights (formerly named the Rent Estimator) is based on rental listing data and sales data we have licensed from industry-leading data companies. Our data is updated multiple times a week and goes back multiple years so we can see the trajectory of rent and sales over time. Unfortunately, we are unable to disclose who provides our data.

Where do rent statistics come from?

We look at similar, nearby properties that have been listed for rent and use that to inform rent summary statistics. When available, we will show the real rent listing history of the property you're researching.

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