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Time Capital Bookkeeping & CFO Solutions

Tax & Financial Services

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Associate Digital Bookkeeper (Bookkeeper Launch)
QuickBooks ProAdvisor (Intuit)
Bookkeeping for Real Estate Investors (Time Capital University)

About us

We are the bookkeeping foundation for Real Estate Investors (REI) & Skilled Trades. 
Our Founder & CEO, Max Emory, has been an REI since the summer of 2019. We speak the unique language of the REI industry and share the perspective of a Real Estate Investor. 
This saves our Clients an immense amount of time they do not have to spend teaching our bookkeepers how the REI industry works and what things like "creative financing" mean.

We serve Real Estate Investors (Flippers, Wholesalers, & Residential/Commercial Landlords), Real Estate Agents/Brokers, Co-Host Companies, Property Managers, & Skilled Trades Small Businesses.

We are stocked with a CEO, COO, Quality Control Specialist, Advisory Specialist, Clean Up Specialist, multiple Ongoing Support Specialists, Marketing Assistant, and Executive Assistant. We have built-in redundancies for our Clients and we all work together to ensure our Clients have an exceptional experience while having the financial information they need to make crucial decisions for their business. 

At a minimum, each of our Bookkeeping Professionals is U.S.-based, Bookkeeper Launch certified, QBO ProAdvisor certified, and Bookkeeping for Real Estate Investors certified (our very own REI bookkeeping course). 

Communication is our #1 priority.
We are Real Estate Investor-owned.
We are Veteran-owned.

We do not provide tax services, property management services, payroll services, or AP/AR management services at this time.

How much more money could you make if you knew your numbers, felt less stressed, and had more TIME? This is what we do for our Clients.


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Max Emory
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