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The Tim Swierczek Team - Gold Star Mortgage


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New Jersey


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Personal NMLS 103522
States Licensed MN, WI, FL, CO, NJ, TN, TX, AL

About us

I specialize in house hacks with a 4.99 rating and over 160 reviews on Zillow. I have completed over 300 house hacks in the last 5 years because I help my clients with more than the loan. I have owned and managed 22 LTR units before I moved into apartments, and I have owned and managed a portion of 343 apartment units. I have experience with Flips, with 4 active flips at the time I type this and I have one short-term rental in Keystone Colorado. 

If you want to learn to make money on real estate and grow your portfolio, not just focus on one transaction you should contact me. My advice will put you on the fast track. As a loan officer, I work with a team that operates similar to a restaurant. Just as a server in a restaurant may not be the best person to cook your food, we have a team with optimized skills in all the areas required for your loan. This means that your questions can always be answered, and I can have specialists on my team work on individual aspects of your loan. This approach maximizes our approvals, creates efficiency, and allows me time to assist you with the most complex situations you may encounter.

Who you work with matters to your success!
As a loan officer, I work with a team of experts who specialize in different areas of the loan process. Our team functions like a restaurant where the server doesn't cook the food but has a team of skilled chefs to prepare it. 

Similarly, I have a team of specialists who work on different aspects of your loan, ensuring that your questions are always answered. This approach maximizes our loan approvals, creates efficiency, and allows me to focus on helping you structure your purchase to maximize your portfolio and get you closer to financial freedom.
As a team, we offer many low-down-payment options on 1-4 unit properties including both State and company-exclusive down payment assistance programs. We are most competitive with credit scores above 640 and require stable income and employment. If you are between employment or a recent college graduate we can secure approvals with a job offer letter, so if you are confident you will have a job offer we have options for you!


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