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BiggerPockets is the largest community and resource for real estate investing. is the nation’s largest and most active real estate investing social network, designed to simplify and enhance networking, deal making, data evaluation, education, marketing and transactions for investors, consumers and professionals.

Its mission is to help educate people in all aspects of real estate and real estate investing and to provide tools and resources to enhance real estate knowledge, networking, deal making, and marketing. Since its founding in 2004, BiggerPockets has revolutionized the way people in the real estate world network.

In September 2012, BiggerPockets launched its first national study of real estate investor trends in association with Memphis Invest & ORC International, opening up exciting new data about the size of the residential real estate investor market and investor intentions. The study was cited by such sources as Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, HousingWire and many others.

In October 2012, BiggerPockets launched its new company profile feature, giving businesses in the real estate space the ability to interact and share blog articles, company updates, and other news.

In January 2013, the BiggerPockets Podcast was born. As of January 2014, the podcast had amassed over 1 million downloads and was the top real estate investing podcast on iTunes.

Lastly, our publishing arm, BiggerPockets Publishing, launched in 2013, has published 2 books which have remained at or near the top of the real estate charts since launch, selling almost 15,000 copies in less than a year an a half.


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Joshua Dorkin
Founder / CEO
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Jarrett Baugh
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