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Turn-Key Property Management - We Buy, Renovate, Lease and Maange SFRs in Louisville

We help investors achieve Financial Freedom by creating passive income streams using single-family homes. We protect these streams by providing superior finishes, avoided deferred maintenance, and using owner-friendly materials. These decisions reduce risk and lead to higher rents, lower vacancy rates, shorter turnover times, and longer times to build reserve funds.

Louisville is a growing city that is the headquarters of 4 Fortune 500 Companies, multiple large manufacturing operations including 2 Ford Plants and an extensive distribution network cornerstoned by Worldport (UPS world-wide air hub). Despite a strong rental and housing market the COL for housing is 80% of the national average. This provides a great opportunity for investors to buy cash-flowing properties in good neighborhoods.


Erik Hitzelberger

Erik Hitzelberger
Louisville, KY

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