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SFH Rental Analysis

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thank you for this spreadsheet I am beginner in this game and i will use it from now on!

Maisam Mansour | 11 months ago  

Thank you for this, although I am a pro member, I like running my numbers offline.

Geri May | almost 3 years ago  

I just noticed a disagreement between @J Scott ‘s SFH_Rental_Analysis and @Brandon Turner ‘s Four Square method for calculating the cash-on-cash return. It may just be me overlooking something but J Scott doesn’t include the cost of the rehab in the calculation where Brandon does. Unless the rehab cost will be included in the loan I feel it should be included in the calculation. I really want to understand how this is supposed to be calculated so I do it properly when analyzing properties. Anyone have any insight?

Gary Michalske | almost 7 years ago  

Great spreadsheet! Very helpful since I'm not a pro member and don't have unlimited use of the calculators yet. One thing I noticed: no matter what values I put in for for purchase price, loan amount, etc, the equity accrued row does not change so it always shows 64k as the total equity accrued after 30 years

Jesse Holshouser | almost 7 years ago  

Should this spreadsheet be used if i am paying cash for the property? I realize I can leverage. I want to pay cash. When I list downpayment is 100% and update the rest of that H column, Cash flow section no longer returns values. Is there a better spreadsheet for cash purchases?

Brian S. | almost 7 years ago  

Thank you I will use this from now on. Also, take a look at Fixed cost PM for cell F30. Shouldn't that be changed to =E30?

Geo Nakis | about 7 years ago  

Thank you for sharing.

Christine M. | over 7 years ago  

Alex - You wouldn't calculate ROI for year 1 by H9 because you are just looking for YOUR return on investment, not including the financed portion.

Kale Waite | over 7 years ago  

Hello, I know this calculator came out a while ago but I got a question pertaining to Total ROI. I want to make sure I have these understood correctly and don't want to make a mistake calculating rental expenses. According to your spreadsheet you have Total ROI for year 1 being calculated by =F44/H9. Why wouldn't it be calculated =F44/D8. You'd also have to set annual revenue increase and annual operating cost to 0 as this throws off calculations in the future Total ROI.

Alex Filipe | over 7 years ago  

Awesome Sauce !

Account Closed | about 8 years ago  

Very easy to use. Thank you for great tool

Sergey S. | over 8 years ago  

Yeah multi family would be nice to have! And thanks for the SFH sheet too.

William Wentzel | about 9 years ago  

Thanks for this! Would this also be suitable for 2-4 unit properties? If not, do you have a similar spreadsheet for multifamily properties? Or what would I need to alter to account for multifamily homes?

Account Closed | over 9 years ago  

Thanks! Just what I was looking for!

Janna Rubright | over 9 years ago  

Mark is right. I had to change that cell to factor in potential HOA fees. Thank you J, this is an excellent tool that I have been using to evaluate all my potential deals.

Tim L. | over 9 years ago  

Thanks for sharing this -- great tool. I think it might need one small correction. Should cell F32 be "=E32*12" since D32 specifies a monthly expense as opposed to an annual expense?

Mark Nugent | over 9 years ago  

This is fabulous! Thank you!

Rhonda C. | over 9 years ago  

ELVIN KALEMERA | about 10 years ago on earth do i use the spreadsheet? Excel challenged!

Meg K. | over 10 years ago  

I'm having trouble opening the file.

Nicholas Webb | over 10 years ago  

Great spreadsheet, I use it to evaluate all my deals right now. Thanks J

Mehran K. | over 10 years ago  

Straight forward and very helpful! Using this tool to compare potential purchases. Thank you for sharing!

Julie P. | over 10 years ago  

Actually, PM *does* stand for Property Management. You can enter a percentage of gross rent or a fixed monthly amount (lines 29 or 30).

J Scott | about 11 years ago  

looks very good. glad you put the effort to do this.

John Wing | over 11 years ago  

Thanks for the neat handy tool J, really appreciate it.

Bala P. | over 11 years ago  

PM stands for Profit Margin. Variable Cost are costs that change in proportion to the rent (i.e. variable operating expenses). Fixed Costs are those that remain the same no matter the rent (i.e. a recurring bill like property taxes). The VC PM and FC PM = Rent Revenue - (VC or FC).

Mike Pantages | almost 12 years ago  

I'm guessing PM is Property Management. Thanks for the spreadsheet!

Rob McDonald | over 12 years ago  

this is neat thanks for the tool

Sammy Johnson | over 13 years ago  

Such a wonderful tool. Thank you so much for sharing!

Angie Menegay | over 13 years ago  

Thanks--I think I'll be able to make very good use of this. Do you use it primarily to assess a potential rental property, or to track a rental you already own? Also, what are these fields: Variable Cost PM and Fixed Cost PM? I've been racking my brain, but can't figure it out. I'm sure it's something ridiculously simple. :) Thanks again!

Terri Pour-Rastegar | over 13 years ago  

What a great tool! Thanks for sharing.

James Ward | over 13 years ago