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Master Lease Agreement associated with blog titled: Case Study: How to make cashflow with little capital

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I've had properties before. Looking to get back in the game. Just signed up to this site. Loved your blog post. Look forward to creating one of these master lease situations and get finances moving again. Thanks for the download.

Michael Guzman | over 3 years ago  

Great info! I will be implementing this.

Alma Arches | about 4 years ago  

Great article. Very detailed and well done for sharing the knowledge

Yan Papas | over 4 years ago  

Ankit, thanks for sharing your docs with us. I stumbled across your blog post a few days ago when I was researching raising private money for my multifamily investment opportunities and SEC marketing regulations. And now you got me hooked on yet another cool real estate strategy - tax liens. Who knew. I will have to read all your posts now. I also just listened to your podcast with Brandon and Josh from almost four years ago, back at number 56. Cheers, Ken

Ken Breeze | over 4 years ago  

Just curious... what happens to the Lessee if the owner (Landlord) defaults on any loan payments, judgments placed against the property and/or the property is foreclosed upon? Also, that 30 day notice of cancellation seems ominous if the the owner decides to sell for cash.

Michael Boyle | over 4 years ago  

Great file, contained all the items/terms I was looking for - thank you for sharing this

James Godwin | almost 5 years ago  

This is the best lease I've found. Thank you!

Account Closed | over 5 years ago  

Thank you. Used this template on my rental.

Kaitlyn Summers | over 6 years ago  

Brandon Styles | almost 7 years ago  

Great file, contained all the items/terms I was looking for - thank you for sharing this

Zaid R. | about 8 years ago