Tax Lien Investment Model

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Buying tax liens utilizing a subsequent payment based investment rationale. This strategy will help you flush out the total return possibly.

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One word: amazing (this makes 3 words though...)

Arturo Paturzo | over 1 year ago  

Ankit, thanks for sharing your spreadsheet with us. I stumbled across your blog post a few days ago when I was researching raising private money for my multifamily investment opportunities and SEC marketing regulations. And now you got me hooked on yet another cool real estate strategy. I will have to read all your posts now. I also just listened to your podcast with Brandon and Josh from almost four years ago, back at number 56. Cheers, Ken

Ken Breeze | over 4 years ago  

Love the spreadsheet layout - really easy to follow and useful. Question - do you take into account your servicing costs (if any are incurred)? What about your overhead? Luis

Luis V | over 8 years ago