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This 157 page ebook follows investor J. Scott from start to finish as he builds a new construction spec home, with no detail left out. With dozens of photos, charts, and stories - this book will both entertain you and help you fully graph the concept of building spec homes for profit. Ultimately, this eBook is designed to help you to learn the actual ins and outs of without any of the fluff.

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Hi! This is a great read. I know things have changed quite a lot in the last few years, but are there any plans to get the website back up so the links work? Thanks!

Briana Nasman | over 2 years ago  

this is exactly what I am looking for! thanks Mr. Scott!

Ashley Zhang | over 4 years ago  

High quality and simple to read. Never have I seen an investor provide such a transparent case study. One that makes you feel as if you are looking over the investors shoulder through out the entire project. I highly recommend it.

Manny Cirino | almost 7 years ago  

Great read. Couldn't stop reading once I started. Love J Scott's details. Thanks for sharing for free!

Anthony Hornbeck | almost 9 years ago  

I just finished this book. I appreciated especially the great pictures, detailed listing of bids and the easy read. Well done. I'm just learning the ropes to investing and I really appreciate the supportive nature of Bigger Pockets and all the people they have on the site.

Amber Cheney | about 9 years ago  

In typical J Scott fashion, this is well thought out, full of great content and a provides a realistic view of a REI project. Thanks for sharing!

Andrew Bosworth | about 9 years ago