2022 Rental Data Report | Top 100 Markets

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2022 Rental Data Report including top 100 markets by: - Median rent and number of listings - Median rent by # of bedrooms - Median rent by type of property

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why there is not salt lake city data?

Wenping Zhu | 18 days ago  

thank you!!

Jake Hewett | about 1 month ago  

Why did I get an email promoting a database with a 10 month lag? Come on BP...

Todd Daugherty | about 1 month ago  

I received the marketing email in 11/22 saying it is a 2022 rent report except that the data only goes through February of 22? Rent has moved fast this year (as it has in recent years), I appreciate the free historical data from years past but it's not going to help me set rent going into next year.

Daniel O'Hare | 3 months ago  

Awesome resource, thank you for sharing!

Natasha Turner | 4 months ago  

Thank you for the amazing resource!

Brandon Fuller | 4 months ago  

Thank you for sharing !

Adelle Swan | 5 months ago  

Good to see info on my local market (Fort Wayne, Indiana) here. This Will help me be a better real estate investor and real estate agent for my clients!

Warren Barnes | 6 months ago  

Thank you!!!

Wil S. | 6 months ago  

Thank you!!

Dean Albright | 7 months ago  

Thanks! Love the show!

Mitch VanDeveer | 8 months ago  

Thank you for the hard work, excellent information here!

Eric Anderson | 9 months ago  

Great resource. Thank you very much

Bobbie Ezra | 9 months ago  

Lovely - thanks!

Manoach Paul | 9 months ago  

Thank you for this! It would be great if this also had square footage data and rent per SF averages!

JJ Gritts | 9 months ago  

thank you!

Martin D. | 9 months ago  

Awesome! Thank you!

Rachael Lee | 9 months ago  

Great info, thanks

Devon Harris | 10 months ago  

What is this important for?

Yuri Juarez | 10 months ago  

Lee Dolan,wow!!! Thanks a lot of help.

Lee Dolan | 10 months ago  

Thank you for the great resource.

Giedre Basov | 10 months ago  

Thanks man

Ifeanyi Tony | 10 months ago  

Wow! just wow! Great information!

Gleb Dmitriyenko | 10 months ago  

Thank you!!!

Alejandra Cheever | 10 months ago  

Thank you!

Tonya Randall | 11 months ago  

Thank you

Barry Roper | 11 months ago  

Just went Pro How do I get the Deal Machine bonus?

Grace Obuseh | 11 months ago  

Thank you Dave!

Juan Carlos Gastelum | 11 months ago  


Damas Kubwimana | 11 months ago  

Thank you Effie

Effie K. | 11 months ago  

Definitely will be diving into this. Thanks!

Anthony Collier | 11 months ago  

Thank you for this! This is Great!

Stephen Holloway | 11 months ago