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Updated from v6

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A solid model, thanks

Nick P. | 7 months ago  

This looks very cool, but do you think you could make a version that doesn't use array formulas and data tables? Most people don't know how to deal with those. Most people also don't know how to change the calculation mode (because those data tables take a solid 30 seconds to calculate with every change), and even if they did, forgetting to change it back is such a huge potential problem that I would be reluctant to share this file with anyone who isn't an excel whiz. I've worked as a data analyst for several companies, helping regular excel users with their excel and VBA needs, and one thing I've learned is that simplicity is a virtue. This is obviously a very sophisticated tool, and it will help me greatly in my quest to learn real estate investment analysis, so thank you for that. I just think it's a step away from being truly great. Here's a great explanation of how (and why) to make your excel files calculate faster:

Josh Russell | about 2 years ago  

New at this so this is great. One question, why is telephone over $1000 a month?

Kevin Breslin | over 4 years ago  

This is an excellent model. It needs some minor changes including adding line item for reserves and replacements. Also the statement of cash flows could be expanded to include cap ex from investment and disposition events

George Flanigan | over 4 years ago  

Wow!! Thanks for sharing!

George Gray | almost 6 years ago  

Great model

Truls Porter | over 6 years ago  

The model keeps getting better and better Phil!

Bryan Hancock | almost 7 years ago