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This workbook is a combination of J Scott's Rehab Analysis Worksheet and his Home Depot SKUs worksheet. I combined the worksheets and created an all-inclusive workbook so that you can walk through a property, and easily "check off" items you will need to rehab the property. Instructions: 1.There is a tab at the bottom for each room in a property and items commonly found in each room are loaded into the sheet. For ease of use, I loaded a macro into the "Quantity" column of each sheet so that simply double clicking in the cell will add "1" to the quantity value. You can also still enter the number manually. 2. These items from each room tab are automatically totalled on the SKU sheet (Sheet 2) 3. The Rehab analysis sheet at the front brings in materials costs from the SKUs sheet (but not labor). 4. For items that are purchased in bulk (Smoke detectors, switches etc.), you will see a total number of the item needed listed to the right on the SKU sheet. You'll need to convert the number of items needed to number of packages needed. For example, if you need 30 switchplates, enter 3 for the quantity on the SKU sheet since these come in packages of 10. 5. I locked the Quantity column on the SKU sheet so that the formulas that bring in the totals are not accidentally lost. However, the bulk quantity cells are unlocked since you need to enter those from the SKU sheet after you have a total of the item needed. There is no password so you can unlock the sheet if needed. 6. I also locked each sheet (except the Quantity column) to prevent accidental loss of info. There is no password so you can unlock the sheets if needed to edit. Example: you'll need to unlock sheet 1 to enter your local sales tax %. Feel free to add any suggestions or comments! Thanks to J Scott for the original Rehab Analysis and Home Depot worksheets.

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Thank you!!!

James Baldwin | 3 months ago  

Thanks, everybody. I hope you all found it useful. Maybe one day I will have time to update all of the SKU's and pricing!

Andy Bankston | 4 months ago  

Thank you for this!

Tanuja A. | 5 months ago  

Thank you! The HD SKUs are really helpful.

Marilyn Lee | 9 months ago  

Awesome spreadsheet!! Very thorough.

Larry F. | 11 months ago  

Rebecca Holmes | over 1 year ago  

this is the shit thank you!

Chuck Teller | over 1 year ago