House Hack Vs. Buy SFR Vs. Rent

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Models out the financial impacts of buying and renting, as millions of Americans do, vs making the minor sacrifices needed to house hack. See for yourself how house-hacking will make an immense impact on your finances, pretty much regardless of where you live, by playing with the inputs for properties in your ideal neighborhood!

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Here's a Google Sheets version for anyone who wants it. Just be sure to go to "FIle" at the top left and select "make a copy" if you want the ability to edit it.

Brian Hood | about 3 years ago  

Thanks for sharing. You are a spreadsheet wizard!

James Brown | over 3 years ago  

Marcus - I laughed too. Scott , ya' killing me, LOL But I do love the spreadsheet. Really brings the points "home" - pun intended.

Markus Avery | over 3 years ago  

Reading your book Set For Life. You made an annotation to this in the book and I had to check it out. Now if only I can convince my wife.

David Hendry | almost 4 years ago  

exactly what I wanted to research! thanks!

Diane Stinebaugh | about 4 years ago  

Scott, I was laughing so hard when I heard you say this URL on Audible.

Marcus Perez | about 4 years ago  

I can't download the file. Nothing happens when I click on the link.

Stacey Floro | over 4 years ago