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This is an easy-to-use spreadsheet which allows you to asses the first year cash flow/ROI for multi- and single-family homes. Allows inputs to customize the model for many purchasing situations. Shows whether or not a deal passes the 2% rule, what the CAP for that deal is, as well as what the first year cash flow will be. Feedback is appreciated!

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Small 1399391152 avatar stiletto
thank you!

Doreen Arminio | about 1 year ago  

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Works great, thanks!

Ed Florack | almost 2 years ago  

Small 1439063733 avatar tylera5
No complaints here, thanks!

Tyler Angelo | almost 3 years ago  

Small 1437160201 avatar michaelb26
Great Spreadsheet, no issues here. Thanks for posting!

Michael Brown | about 3 years ago  

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I was unable to save this excel file due to errors in several fields resulting in excel error #name? Very Disappointed.

Nancy Freebairn | about 4 years ago