Stuttering Real Estate Investor

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Hello all,

I was wondering if there are any REIs out there who have a speaking difficulty or a stutter. I have a stutter and am looking for strategies for Negotiating, and other RE nuances. Obviously, a partner who is good at networking and negotiating will be incredibly useful.



@Dominic Cordaro I’m a real estate agent and if I was dealing with someone that had a stutter I wouldn’t even think twice. It’s their actions that I would look at. Most everything is done over email, text or social media. Handle yourself professionally and you’ll be fine in person or on the phone. Just know your stuff otherwise and nobody will even think about the stutter, I wouldn’t.

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@Dominic Cordaro Just talk to people as much as possible. Practice Practice Practice, when you’re nervous you’re gonna stutter more, so gat used to it as much as you can.

@Dominic Cordaro I try to do it over the phone but have definitely done them over email. I think being really good with your writing and language skills could help. Definitely just practice and know that no one is going to judge you or take you less seriously. I know lots of investors with thick foreign accents.

@Dominic Cordaro

Most communications are done through writing these days, whether it be text, email social media or direct mail.

Which is probably how you're going to initiate conversations with people anyway.

I wouldn't worry about a speech pediment.  As @Jordan Moorhead said, know your stuff initially, be sincere and professional and people will want to do business with you, regardless! ;)

Good luck Dominic!!! 

@Dominic Cordaro

Joe Fairless has a lender/investor with a speech impediment on his podcast. Great story/advice.

Episode #1755

@Dominic Cordaro Don't let it slow you down one bit.  As others have said, if you know your stuff you'll do fine.  In fact, you may be able to become a better communicator/negotiator than most people!  Finally, if you are concerned about an interaction, you could establish up front with whomever you are communicating with, and you will probably earn their respect and attention.

@Dominic Cordaro I have a minor stutter and talk a mile a second. I haven't - at least to my knowledge - lost out on any opportunities because of that. I just learned to accept it and not over think it.