RedX vs LandVoice vs ArchAgent

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If you love cold calling look into

Mojo's multi-dialer is really powerful, but the leads aren't so great.

Cole Realty Resource is a Circle prospecting tool that's the premier in finding those numbers (1 year subscription)

I personally used, the leads are one of the best, but of course still has those fax/disconnect lines, they only reserve a limited amount of spots that they give leads to and it is an auto-dialer with FSBO and Expired all in one package.

Redx is probably the best out of the original 3 though

Thanks, Colley!  Great info and glad I read it all.  I have tossed this around a bit and felt the same way from the beginning....I really don't like sales calls and I think of them as pests as well so why do I want to be thought of as a pest.  We offer a valuable service, not just selling, which is what I think of with those sales calls.

Landvoice is terrible. They charged me $1,499 when I attempted to call in and cancel. They charged my card on a Sunday and interestingly aren't open on Saturday or Sunday. Also their contracts explicitly states on the SIGNING LINE:

"By accepting the terms set forth and by signing below, I authorize Landvoice to charge my credit card for one (1) payment of $--" They like to refer to the prior text of renewal dates- BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT THE SIGNING LINE STATES!

I called them early Monday morning and could only get a sales guy since the customer service people weren't there yet. I asked him to cancel my service and provide a refund. His response was "That's not going to happen". (!!??)

I asked them to cancel my contract by phone and chat box on their site. Thankfully Chase Bank refunded my money but there is a dispute between Chase and LV now. I am in the largest producing real estate office in Indianapolis and I regularly train new agents including all the ones that go to BOLD. You can bet I will be telling all 230 agents in our office about Landvoice.

I do not get an explicit refund from Landvoice soon - I will start my own social media blitz on Landvoice starting with our internal KW FB page.

Terrible company - terrible service -- arrogant people. NOT customer focused and HIGHLY UNETHICAL.

Hey Guys,

I have done all of those and currently with Redx but switching back to Archagent just because is cheaper and we do get the same information, is pulled from the local MLS system.

What i found out is that sometimes you get good numbers and are able to schedule appointments, sometimes not.

The most important thing is to Keep on calling, everyday, everyday.

Is not about the numbers that don't work, is about the ones that do work and being able to talk to those people.

Be consistent, is not over until you win.

Anyone have an up date for redx / landvoice etc for expired + fsbo leads plus phone numbers?

Any dialer products you like with phone number leads?  slydialer dot com etc??

Ok, this is a scary thread for a new agent. 

I also took BOLD with KW but I was yet to be licensed for the bulk of it so I was unable to really do anything with half my Landvoice trial. I wrote them, they refused to pause it until I was licensed. This means what would be a nearly two month trial will be three weeks. 

In the last 1 1/2 since I have been licensed I am finding I MAYBE get 5 new expired leads a day, perhaps 1 FSBO in my "extended farm" (I'm going out 20+ miles from my office.) That does not make for many people to prospect and I have gotten ONE expired on the phone. Just today, I attempted to e-mail the July expired since Landvoice now has e-mail addresses on some of the expired marked "beta" and I saw a training video that suggested a pretty good e-mail message. ALL 15 e-mails bounced back as bad addresses!

I know Landvoice is ending so I happened to ask Vulcan 7 for pricing.. $299 a month unless I sing a contract! I'm sorry, but I've laid out a few grand so far on getting up and running (fees, classes, etc.) and I can't pay hundreds of dollars a month for ANY expired/FSBO service and especially not one that is going to give me a handful of leads a day which are difficult at best to reach.

That said, how does any new agent establish a business without this data? Door knocking thus far has gotten me maybe 5% who answer the door so I end up leaving a door hanger.  I am hearing here that RedX and Vulcan and MOJO are no better.

I also have to agree that the feedback I get from long term agents is you ARE telemarketing people who for the most part don't want to be called.  So if call all the expired listings you can reach you may get AN appointment a month? TWO?

What's to be gained here. Yes, I have heard of agents who spend hours a day calling these leads and I want to be one of them but these have to be in big metro areas where a TON of listings are coming off contract a day. THAT may make a service like this worth it but how does one function and succeed without ANY service at all when new?

@ryan Healey I'm a newer agent as well with not much success in getting listings - i realize I need to do cold calls but I am wasting so much time trying to track down the phone numbers of expired's. Curious to hear from others if they'd still recommend redx or any other program.

@Colley Bailey

Would love to hear your progress! 

I think the key from this thread is what program you want to run with, understand it is a process..... You can't write off a source that gives you numbers if you don't follow up.... I bet about half of the numbers these compaines give you are wrong, but the key is they are finding the numbers which is the hard part 

I would be excited to hear how all of you are spending time marketing- 

How much do you spend on marketing? 

How often do you prospect? 

Are you tracking your leads, Are you doing active lead gen? 

Anyone do social media marketing (Facebook etc)? 

I have used Landvoice with my previous broker and the Numbers, emails and addresses are fairly accurate. You will naturally find a bad apple but its my preferred lead generation source I use that is outside of handwritten note cards, direct mail and referrals. I only subscribe to the simple package and nothing else. Cost is about $307 ish a quarter and last year I made over $20k in GCI from it. Soild source.

Wow! A lot of mixed reviews. I'm currently looking for a dialer and this just made it more confusing. I would love to hear updates or feedback from anyone. Seems like consistency is key. 

Avoid Red X at all costs if you value reliability from a vendor. Their sales director, Tyler Fenn, and their chief executive Mark, for whom this outfit refuses to provide a last name, are negligent and contemptuous in the extreme. I have documentary proof. Use other resources for prospecting!

@Colley Bailey Hi Colley!

So I'm about to subscribe to Redx, I read all the messages here and also looked up your videos on YouTube.

I couldn't really find there anything about generate leads but wanted to know if you have any suggestion as for today. I'm also not very encouraged to make phone calls all day (I've done it for two years and didn't give me much results), knocking on doors definitely gave me more results but when we are talking on preforeclosure leads it's hard to get their trust when your'e standing on their doorstep.

I would love to know more if you have the time!

Much appreciated

Hey guys! So I just started doing cold calls (and prospecting like this) in the NYC area and noticed that a good amount of the RedX leads that I've been getting with the Geolistings either are disconnected numbers or just the wrong person. Anyone else having this issue? What do you guys use in the city? I do have to say that I love the role playing service it offers! Any suggestions? 

As an update to this thread, I need to apologize a bit I guess because I hadn't really kept up with it over the years.  Some people asked how my marketing/calling efforts were working out, so I'll update about that.  In 2017, my listing videos and social media marketing helped me get on with a builder in my area.  I spent a few years selling through their neighborhoods, so I didn't really need to make cold calls or market anything but their listings.  As of November 2019, I sold through the last neighborhood they had assigned me to, and I thought it might be a good time to step back out into the general market.

So, I built some FB video ads for Buyers initially, along with an email drip funnel and active prospecting back to those leads.  I'm doing a lot of retargeted ads back to my established audience.  So far, the results are promising.  I started running ads right before Christmas with a New Home for the New Year type video ad, and I've generated a few hundred leads this way. I have one under contract so far, and I'm working with several on building their credit.  I'm booking a few appointments a week from this so far.

I'm also working on Seller ads, which will start soon, and I'm still using those same YouTube listing videos to build brand and credibility as well.

Also, I have been listening to Ricky Carruth, as somebody mentioned above, and I really appreciate his "How Can I Help You?" approach.  He's not really making pesky "Sales Calls." So, I'll be giving RedX GeoLeads a try this month (February 2020).  I think he's right that the key to success in this business is to constantly be talking to people.  2020 will be my 6th year in the business, and I agree, if you're not talking to huge amounts of people, you probably won't close many deals.  I'm excited to give it a try.

I have just begun to see all these forms of communication in the same light.  Whether you're calling, texting, Facebook messaging, blogging, or recording videos, at the core of it, you're just communicating with people.  Different people will gravitate toward different forms of communication, and so as long as you're communicating with as many people as you can, in as many different forms as you are comfortable with, I think you're on the right track.

However, I will say video ads can get you in front of the most people with the least effort.  Conversely, person-to-person contacts like calls and door knocks are probably the most effective for conversion.  And even when you get a Facebook Lead, you still have to get them on the phone and book an appointment.  Phone and In Person skills are always essential.