RedX vs LandVoice vs ArchAgent

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Hey guys,

I'm looking to see which service provides the best quality of leads: theRedX vs LandVoice vs ArchAgent.  Does anybody have any experience with these companies to help me compare?  

The prices are pretty comparable, give or take $10-$20 here and there.  I know ArchAgent has the 800# and Text lead capture programs, which would be really nice to additions my marketing efforts, so I'm kind of leaning toward them, but I'm wanting to make sure that the quality of FSBOs and Expireds ArchAgent lists is just as good as the others.  If so, it's a clear winner, but if not, I might split the services between providers.


Haven't used Arch Agent or LandVoice, but I gave The RedX a shot. I got a 3 month subscription on there total package which is FSBOs, pre for closures, and expired listings. If you do it this way they will waive the 150 set up fee and gave me a discount where I payed a total of 320 something of 3 months. I do love the FSBOs they give, but, the rest of it was complete garbage. Most, and I do mean most, of the "numbers" they provide with the expired listings do not work at all. They either keep ringing or are a fax numbers. If I could do it all over I would go with a different service (hearing a lot better things about LandVoice) or just get the FSBOs by themselves. 

Yeah, it seems hard to justify the costs on some of these things, especially FSBOs because they are so easy to find on Craigslist and local newspaper sites.  The expireds are much harder to find, and so the costs would be more justified, however the quality needs to be there or it's not worth the money.

At the brokerage that I work for we currently used to use Redex and now currently use Landvoice. Never heard of Archagent. So I will give pros/cons on the latter.



  • Easy to search expired listing using their software. You can customize the search to find exactly the area you want to farm and ONLY INPUT these leads into your search. 
  • You can label/add folders for any leads based on zip codes/search criteria.
  • They have a nice built in CRM for which you can manage any follow-up task.


  • Most phone #'s are invalid and or non-existent. We had to use other services to cross check numbers like beenverified or similar.
  • They usually charge a setup fee and you have to install a software platform. Last we used Redex it wasn't cloud based so this was definielty a con now I check it's cloud based so this has improved.
  • In the 3-6 month we used Redex. We didn't get any listing appointments!

LANDVOICE (Just started using recently)


  • No setup fee. 
  • Most numbers seem to be spot on. So far since we started about two weeks ago we already have 1 listing appointment!
  • Cost for expired is about $120 a month. 


  • It's super annoying to search through leads since their cloud based platform isn't to friendly on searching. You can't search based on zip codes so it only pulls all the leads and then you have to manully look for them.
  • Their CRM is non-existent. So if I were to speak with a lead I don't have a way to setup follow-up task


We use LANDVOICE in connection with CINC as our CRM and use dialer to call these leads!


I think Redex is more user friendly and has a nice built in CRM but ultimately we didn't get jack from them in terms of appointments. Landvoice is still to early to tell but at least we have one listing appointment worth $600k in just two weeks. 

Also, I've heard good success on Vulcan 7 as well. Maybe something to look into.

Just wanted to say thank you to all for the info!!! I almost purchased a subscription for redex but it sounds like itʻs a waste of money.

Thank you!

I've been using Land Voice for a couple months. What I like about them is I have more control over my expireds. But I have to do more work. From what I seen/heard Redx, Vulcan 7, and Espresso Agent is you login in their site and you get the numbers they give you. With landvoice you have more control. I go in my MLS which our area is using Rapatonni (Crap) and pick the properties. For example, I did old expireds by searching for expireds beavercreek SD area in 2013 and having to cross reference them to see if they sold. (about 1/2 hour of time) From there upload them to land voice. Got the numbers and made some calls. Got two listings and working on an appointment tomorrow.

I'd like to bump this. 

I used Landvoice when I was in Suffolk County NY and it was a fantastic service. A little labor intensive to create the lists/search. Now in Hawaii with a different MLS, REDX doesn't automatically populate the expired information so I'll have to export that manually and input it according to the REDX rep that called me. I've heard of a few different CRMs that will take inputs from multiple sources (Happygrasshopper, Followupboss) and even have delegation options. This is a fairly new feature to REDX,

But looks powerful.  

I digress:

Anyone in Hawaii, Kaneohe, Honolulu, Mililani, Kaaawa, Kahuku, anywhere Hawaii (threw those in for keywork alerts), doing anything with any of these FSBO/Expired populators successfully? Are you mixing and matching for different services?

ArchAgent's expired listings was a bad investment. Over an eight month period, I‘ve wasted countless hours calling and calling and researching properties only to get discourage. It seemed like 95% of their numbers were wrong numbers. Now, I am with Landvoice and they have a pretty good system with better contact numbers.

I’m sorry, because Landvoice turned out to be just as bad as Archagent after my experience three months later. I just had to reply to my own post to help you all avoid wasting your time with another scamming expired listing company. If anyone have had a better luck with another company please let us know, so we all can continue to move forward with our real estate business. Thank you.

I've used all of them! They all pull info from the same resources.

Here's a new thought...Sales Genie. Look it up, give them a try. They pull info from utility companies.

Well, a year after I started this thread, I've realized that cold-calling sucks and I've moved onto more efficient methods.  As an agent, the goal is to prove that you are an authority in your market, that you have a better approach, and that you can be trusted.  In my experience, cold calling accomplishes none of those.  It just positions you as a pest.  I hate being tele-marketed to, so why should I expect my clients to be any different.  Let's be honest; It's annoying.

I'm now working on a book to tell some personal stories, entertain, and enlighten people to my home-selling process in a non-pesky way.  I've put together YouTube videos which explain my selling process, and I also packaged those together into a DVD which I can hand out to prospective clients or mail to FSBOs, Expireds, and Zillow Make-Me-Moves.  So far, the videos have given me a lot of credibility and made my Listing Presentations virtually Objection free.

I'll try and report back as to how these new strategies are working out.

@Dakota Shannon @Edgar U. Hello you two. I just signed up for Landvoice and I came across this post. I have dug in a little so far and will continue. I wanted to ask if you both are still using Landvoice. It seemed you were having success with it. You post a year ago so I was wondering if anything changed or are you still blowing and going on the site. I bought FSBO's and Pre-foreclosure lists.

Let me know.  Thank you!

I went with LandVoice and don't recommend it. The ratio of no numbers founds, Do Not Call numbers and listings you have numbers to and can actually call is not worth the money. You'll be amazed how many listings/numbers you are not allowed to call because it is illegal. I wish I had never spent money on them...

This is very helpful.  I am going through BOLD with KW and got a free trial with Landvoice.  I'm a new agent and have been looking for data and a dialer.  So, if Landvoice sucks, and the others are similar, what else is there?  I also want a dialer ... maybe Mojo?  Finally, once I get data and a dialer, can anyone tell me how you then integrate with your CRM for drip campaigns and other marketing?  

Hey everyone! I'm been browsing this thread after doing some research on dialers to try out. I started using Landvoice in the summer during BOLD and went on 2 listing appointments because of it. Recently I decided to sign up for Landvoice again and paid $340 for the Expired PRO and Neighborhood Farming Tool. This will last for 3 months. So far, I've gotten 2 appointments, but the majority of people I call either don't own the property, sold it long before the expiration date, or have disconnected their number. I've also called Withdrawn properties, but most of those sellers still have listing agreements signed with the old agent. The most confusing thing about Landvoice is why they would post all of these other properties without the numbers. Maybe if contacts for those addresses could be exported into the system, that would make it worthwhile. On average I'd say about 22-25% of my calls actually lead to another person on the line, not a voicemail or automated response.

Kirk Shelton any updates? I know the OP has moved away from cold calling. Anyone else care to share reviews of lead generation software?

I have been using Rebogateway for lead generation in Broward and Miami Dade counties in FL. With the FSBO lead type so far 70% of the addresses that come up do not have numbers. Out of the ones that do about 50% are either wrong numbers, already with realtors, or have already closed.

I wanted to know if Landvoice was worth the investment. Also let me know what Landvoice products you think are worth signing up for.


At the end of the day, RedX & Landvoice offer same info in slightly different formats. Have been using RedX for a while and it's meeting my needs as of now. True alot of numbers are garbage however, I have experienced this with other services. In these instances it's best to go knock on the door and do introductions. Don't let a few wrong numbers hold your business back. 

Make a it great week!!!