Real Estate Agents Appearance

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If a Realtor pulled up in a car that was a little beat up would it be a deal killer? I just recently became a licensed agent and my Camry has definitely seen better days. Would you recommend buying a new car once I start meeting with clients?

Lead with revenue.....don't spend money until you make money.  You can upgrade as you have money.

If you're finding your clients the right deals, they won't care about the car you drive.

Impress them with your work ethic, your drive, your enthusiasm....and don't care about the car they drive.

I know plenty of millionaires that drive beat up cars.   I remember helping big billionaire one day years ago...he was driving his own car, it was nice, but not fancy...something like a Buick 4 door plain Jane.   Remember Sam Walton of Wal-Mart drove the old truck.

You can also make the client drive....if needed.

I earn a healthy six-figure income but I wear regular clothes and most my renters drive nicer cars than I do. If someone refuses to do business with me because of what I drive, that's their loss because I'll work much harder than the 60-year-old driving the 2019 Cadillac or tricked out Ford F-250.

If your car is really ugly, see if you can borrow someone else's car. Or point it out right away with some self-deprecating humor. 

"I'm sorry about my car. I've been so busy hustling for my clients that I haven't had time to upgrade!"

@Darius Price

I think it depends on what type of niche client you are looking for. If you are working with an investor that appreciates saving money to invest in your future I do not see the problem. I drive an older explorer which I keep clean but stress the importance of spending money on preforming assets. I would much rather buy a rental property than a new car every year and I will tell my clients that!

If I was selling to a higher price point primary residence client, I may consider a nicer car but I love teaching investors how to grow their future!

Good luck!