Got banned from messaging on BP for "spamming", help?

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I was trying to make new colleague requests of people who live in Israel, but after about 4 individuals I got the big spam hammer. Probably because I was using the same message..

Didn't know I was spamming.

Two questions:

How can I add many new colleagues, one at a time?

Can I be un-banned from messaging? I won't do that again.

Hey @Ben Bakhshi you are cleared now. Just be sure to change up the message a bit each time and you'll be fine. Just adding a name should do it.

Also don't spam, but I'm sure you weren't. :)

@Brandon Turner  
I just got the same message after trying to send colleague requests to some nearby BP members.


@Sam L.  Send an email to support here and they can take a look.  This results when send the same message multiple times, like a spammer would.  The spam filter detects this and blocks your account.

Thanks Jon!

Same problem. Only trying to connect to local network here and banned with 4 messages.

It's still OK to channel Nigerian bank accounts through BP, though, right?

Me too!!  I am trying to connect with people in my geographic focused area.  I fired off a few requests and then got axed.  Help!!!!!  My children's futures are on the line!!! 

@Brandon Turner @Joshua Dorkin can you help???

Hey @Steve Stein make sure you check the guidelines for connecting and posting, if you're sending the same connect request, then you'll likely banned from messaging:

anyhow, your account seems fine now. 

@Jon Holdman

Question: is that support email address anywhere it can be found easily? I know a couple of times when I had issues I found myself wondering how best to contact BP. Thanks!

I got hit with this same thing back when I joined. 

Simple fix is to only send a few (like 2/3) messages at a time..  then log out, and log back in later (again, a few hours..) and send 2/3 more.. (while changing up the message)

its more time consuming for us (the users of BP), and I'm sure, less annoying for the BP mods !

@Mindy Jensen yes thanks. I am curious if that address is on the site anywhere? If not, BP might consider posting it so that anyone needing help can easily contact the site. Thanks!

I was just kicked for spamming as well. I copy and pasted a simple introduction to 3 folks who also work in my town trying to connect up. 

@Jay J. , the simple fix is to not send copy/paste messages. We like for your communications with other members to be more personal. Plus, if you're sending out the same thing, chances are high that you are advertising or soliciting, both of which are against the rules.

@John Thedford , it isn't posted on the site due to spamming issues, but we have a Contact Us link at the bottom, and the form you fill out goes directly to the support team.

@Brandon Turner I've been a BP member for a while now.  Had 4 people check my profile & I sent out the same connect message to each.   "Thanks for checking my profile.  Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance"  Then bang- I'm a spammer & blocked from messaging.

Help please.

I just received the same message. However, after reading this thread I understand why. How do I get un-banned? I was only sending colleague requests to local members. Thanks! 

@Ben Bakhshi

Make sure to not use the same message over and over, write a brand new message and send colleague requests slowly. Do not send a bunch at the same time. 

If their system bans you, you can reach out to support and they can help you solve the problem and tell you why you were banned. They're flexible. 

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