Why We Moderate the Forums and How We Edit Posts (when we do edit them)

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I wanted to share a little bit about our moderation policies, in case there is some confusion.

The BiggerPockets Forum was established so people can have a platform to communicate with one another about real estate topics. When I first started the forum, I noticed that some people see a forum as an opportunity to get free publicity for themselves without giving anything back to the community. Once I witnessed this trend, I decided that it was important to establish a strict set of guidelines or rules with which the forums would be run.

Many forums out there are nothing but free-for-alls. People come and go, but most folks are there for one reason - to get their link out. This typically leads to a forum where nothing really gets done.

All of our rules have been established in concert with the consultation of other, SUCCESSFUL forum moderators and admins.

When and Why We Edit Posts
We NEVER just edit a post because we want to. We believe in the free flow of information, but we ask that our members RESPECT our rules.

We know that in many times, people join our forum having had some experience on what we'd call the "free-for all" forums, where anything goes. This usually ends up in a "culture shock" mentality - where suddely BiggerPockets is the bad guy because we don't allow what everyone else does. They post solicitations, promotional links in posts, SPAM, multiple posts of the same exact message, etc.

Some of these people do it because they are not yet familiar with our policies, and others do it because they think they can slip something past our moderators and admins.

Whatever the reason, we will edit any posts that do not follow our rules. We NEVER add to people's posts, just remove either entire posts, or segments of posts that pose a problem. Typically, when we remove something it is either because it is a solicitation in a forum where solicitations aren't welcome, or because someone is posting their contact information in a post.

People ask why we don't allow contact info in posts. The reason is that by posting your info in a post, that information is now available to anyone; this policy exists to try to protect the safety of our membership. When the information is posted in your signature, only members of BiggerPockets can see it. While this doesn't protect you completely from seedy people, it does limit the pool of potential baddies and spammers.

Back to the complaints about editing . . . some people complain that we're too strict (and I've heard a LOT worse), but in the end, the final result speaks for itself.

The BiggerPockets Forum is the top real estate and real estate investing forum online because of our members. Our contributors give of themselves because they love real estate. Our members don't have to worry that they are going to be harassed by SPAMMERS, or sneaky sales pitches. When people come to the site and try to manipulate others, our members jump on them and call them out.

We've helped countless people with their real estate questions, seen people make successful connections and deals, and have given people the opportunity to market themselves and their businesses over the 4+ years we've been running this forum.

Wrapping it Up
I thought it was important to let you all know a little background behind how and why we do things here on the forum. We're here to make sure that you, our members, have a safe place to do your thing, and I just wanted to thank you all for your participation.

Joshua Dorkin

I always wondered why you didn't allow contact info in posts but in signatures now I know.

I do like how you keep spam out of this site. There is one site that I frequent that has spam all the time not just solicitations but porn spam,viagra and other drug spam and crap like that. I can't stand garbage like that and I'm glad you don't see that crap here on BP.

Good job you and your mods are doing Josh keep up the good work.


I know you work hard on this site but I think you ought to [comment deleted].

Some of us really like internet solicitations and personally, while those enlargement pills have disappointed me, your members should visit this great site at [link removed].

Although 99.9% of the people here are great folks, a few are total [edited] while others are just downright [profanity deleted]. Myself, I always strive to be [blowhard bragging removed].

Anyway, as you know I make millions of dollars by [total fabrication deleted] and would like to help people by [solicitation removed]. Anyone who needs my invaluable help can call me at [phone number deleted].

Once again, Josh, I really appreciate this site and how terrifically you [brown-nosing removed]. You’re doing a great job [factual comment left in] and have helped me to [self-serving lie deleted].

Best wishes for your continued success.

I think Mark's post should be submitted for an award somewhere! VERY FUNNY. Very long grueling day at work, nice to laugh a little bit to finish off the day!

Thanks Mark!

I haven't changed too much in terms of policy over the past 8+ years in terms of moderation . . . looks like the philosophy has some merit, Jon.

Thanks for the explanation Josh. I actually left a site I frequented regularly for about 9 years to come here because it became over ran with spam. There were some heavy hitters there at one time (a few who are now here). But I think over time the spam and anonymous insults (there was no login at the site for the first 8 years I was there) turned the heavy hitters off and people stopped visiting. I got here and knew immediately I was home. Thanks for a great forum!

Someone removed my vote for Mark!

When I originally saw Mrak's post, it made perfect sense, why was most of it removed?

Thanks for keeping the spam off.

Is there any way I can post my unlisted phone number? People from all over keep looking up my poor old dad thinking they found me, he's in his 80s and it's getting to be a real pain for him to answer all the phone calls thinking it might be one of his lady friends, only to find it's some RE investor trying to reach me. It would really help if I could....

My number is [ REMOVED ]

Keep up the good work Josh...

Thanks! ;)

@Joshua Dorkin   it took me a little while also to learn how this site was run. I was blocked a few times before I realized my mistakes. Now that I finally get it, sorry about that, I have realized how great of site this place really is!! Just getting active on the site and participating in the conversations has lead to countless leads, just by other investors viewing my post! Offering to help others really goes a long way! 

Originally posted by @Joshua Dorkin :

Thanks Ibrahim S! We're happy to have you.

 Hello Joshua, would you please show me how to "edit" my "Company Profile"? All I see is how to create a company profile :(

Thank you sir :)

Go to your company profile, click EDIT PROFILE below your company's logo on the right side and you can edit there.

Originally posted by @Joshua Dorkin :

Go to your company profile, click EDIT PROFILE below your company's logo on the right side and you can edit there.

 Hi Josh,

Thing is that there's no "Company Profile" button at all. I do show a "Company" link and when I click it, it takes me to a page to "Create a Company Profile" and there is nothing else on there, no edit buttons or anything... so I guess I need to know how to get to my company profile?

Thanks again,

Or better yet, is there any way you can possibly just delete that company profile for me please and I will create a revised one after you delete it?


I don't see you connected to any company profile -- go to http://www.biggerpockets.com/companies and create a new one.

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