How are you using the BiggerPockets keyword alert system?

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I think this is a great new feature.

I've just started using it and have put in about 20 key word alerts.

I've put in a number of cities that interest me, including Dallas and Austin.

I've put in a few variations of SD-IRA searches. Also Equity Trust, my current custodian.

I've put in my name with a couple of variations.

I've entered "new home construction."

If you've got a company, you should enter it now so you can track feedback and get leads.

How will you use key word alerts?

I just got my first alert via email. The alert was on my name.

I've got it set for "Hello" so I can meet new people, (they usually say hello!) and also for "multifamily" "multi family" "multi-family" and my name, plus a few more.

I set up the alert system with several keywords:

- Real estate strategies I am interested or feel I can help contribute to: rehabbing, flipping, etc.
- Groups of people I can relate to and contribute to: Veterans, military, young investors, etc.
- Phrases to alert me to welcome new members: new member, hello, etc.

I like the idea of adding my name as well as my to do that now.

I'm always hoping I don't miss anything in my home market (St. Louis) and in development. Fantastic new feature!

Brandon, good call on "hello" as well.

Thanks @Kyle Zaylor . I'm also adding "Washington," "WA," and "Minnesota" so I can monitor my home areas and my old hometown. :)

I'm using my state fully spelled out. But I do wish I could also use the initials "PA". Seems like we need to use at least 4 letters to make a keyword.

After reading this very helpful post because I have little imagination, I put in my name and all of the cities around me. I can now be nosy as to who is talking about my area ;)

Great forum, I've been thinking about what to add. Thought the keyword system to be a great app (so to speak) but wasn't feeling particularly creative (@Jason Grote) as well. Thanks for the thread!

This keyword function is the single feature that brought me back to BP after quite the hiatus. Saves a ton of time. I would list what my alerts are, but I don't want to receive an email about them all. Perhaps, I'lll mask them. Cash Buy*r, Yellow Lett*r, just to name a few.

Well, it is great to have yo back, Justin. I actually thought you were out of the game.

Daniel - do you think allowing shorter keyworks would be beneficial?

Keep the Gretchen suggestions coming!

Originally posted by Joshua Dorkin:
Daniel - do you think allowing shorter keyworks would be beneficial?

Yes I do. I am in a fairly rural area and travel about a 15 mile radius from where I live (which encompasses almost 30 different towns) for my local farm. Therefore a simple "PA" keyword would be better than than the 30 town names.

We're going to see what we can do. I'm seeing the value in 3 letter keywords and now understand why a 2 letter keyword makes sense as well. Thanks Daniel. Give us the week off and we'll see what magic we can whip up next week.

Are there any other creative ways people have come up to use the alert system?

Joshua - I wish I could answer your 2:30 post, but I am still in awe of this site-this forum for RE! The keyword alert is great - somehow I actually found it and entered some words. I am still learning still tho' - what is DONOR or Dashboard? I can see I won't get much done around the house - no more free time after I found this.

@Sharon R. , Donor indicates that someone donated money to BiggerPockets. Many people have learned a lot from this site and its members and their businesses have really benefited (I am one of these people). Some of these people donated money to keep the site moving along and the Donor tag indicates that.

The dashboard is what you see when you click the home icon in the top left or go to

It gives you a view of recent posts, status updates from your colleagues, etc.

Anyway of reducing the amount of emails I get for keywords for the same thread.

What's happening is every time someone is quoting a recent comment in a thread that has the specific keyword, I'm getting a new email. The person replying to the comment he or she has quoted has not typed the keyword though. For instance:

If you'll notice, the OP is quoted several times and in that quote, the keyword 'Phoenix'. I'm getting multiple emails for the same thread.

edit: I know you can opt out of the email notifications but I'd like to still get them, just not as many I guess.

I use it for topics where I think I might have input, such as hard or private lending, real estate clubs, landlording, etc.

I also would like a two letter keyword so we can be notified by state abbreviation.

Sorry Nick . . . that's going to be a difficult request. If you're getting too many emails for a specific request, make the request more specific. E.g. instead of Phoenix, try "Phoenix rehabs" or "Phoenix homes"

That won't solve the problem of quoted text, but it may alleviate the number of emails you get.

Here's a tip for everyone:

What I've done is set up email alerts for less important things of interest to me, and then set up SMS alerts for the most pressing items. That way, when my phone goes off, I know that I need to get on it, while email alerts can wait a little bit.

Of course, SMS alerts are only available to PRO members (not PRO Basic); I'm definitely putting them to use myself.

@Daniel Fisher - We've listened to you and users can now do two letter keywords. We hope that helps everyone!

Awesome!! Thanks Joshua.

It would be cool if it DIDN'T send me two emails when people use the "@" feature to send me stuff. I have my name with an alert and it sends two emails.

Cool feature otherwise. I'm glad that the string requirement went down to two since there are many three-letter acronyms that people may want to do an alert on.

The key word alerts are a great way to get involved & learn from different topics & comments along with adding your own opinion as well.
A little overwhelming with the # of emails that come in & looking for ways to manage that better. Ok did I say a little I mean a lot. I will start looking for ways to be more specific and look for ways to improve the use as I continue with it.

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