Selling St. Paul Duplex

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I'm going to sell my duplex in St. Paul MN. I don't live in the area. Does anyone have any contacts for a real estate agent that is good at selling investment properties in St. Paul?

I want to start by getting an idea of how much it is worth, and talk about the best way to go about selling it.

Any thoughts?

@Don Jackson What neighborhood is this duplex in, in Saint Paul?  I use VSM Real Estate for my buying, and I know they sell investment properties as well.  My realtor is @Daniel Kurkowski , he's excellent, and I don't think he's taking on any additional residential clients.  I've also had really good luck with Nicole Murray in VSM, and she has helped me fill a few rental properties with tenants in Saint Paul.

Good luck on the sale!


Hi Don!

I am reinvesting before the end of 2018. I'm selling 2 duplexes in Saint Paul. 

Reach out if you are still planning to sell your duplex. I'm not an agent but willing to share what I know--one of my duplexes is in Payne-Phalen the other in Dayton's Bluff.

Thanks for your comments everyone. I contacted a real estate agent who specializes in selling duplexes to people who plan to live in one unit and rent out the other. His idea is that they will tend to pay retail price, rather than selling to other investors who are looking for the killer deal.

Has this been the general experience of others who have sold duplexes?