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There is an empty home, which I can see out of my back window that I've had my eye on for a while.  It exists on the typical sites such a Zillow and Trulia.. but not on the county appraisers site.  How is that possible?  Id like to find out if it's an absentee owner or what is going on with the home.

Some counties allow people in certain positions (judges, prosecutors, law enforcement) to delist their information from the county assessors publicly available information.

Use this site Data Site

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PW 1800sell4cash

Change the county and state then put in the address. It will tell you the owner and their mailing address.

Thank you for that info Michael!  However, it did not exist on that page either.  I'll go try to talk to neighbors to see what's up with this place.

Maybe it is  a  disconnect on the address?    Perhaps you checked this already.   We have a couple of places that appear to be in one town but are in another. Or is it possibly part of an adjacent property? In that case it  would be listed on the adjacent properties tax address.

The data site allows you to see the plot maps also. From the plot map youll see your addressing issue.

Here in Dallas the recorder's office will let you omit the owners name if you tell them you don't want data mining companies to have access to your information.

Joe Gore

Joe is correct.  You can "opt out" of the online data mining service.  However, you can still go to the DCAD and pull the information manually. 


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