Where are the RE attorneys that know about wholesaling!

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Im concerned about the laws on wholesaling in new york city (not only manhattan) and I want to get in touch with some attorneys that are familiar with this so I can have some on my team and do things the right way!

There are no laws that I'm aware of specifically related to wholesaling properties.  To be honest, that term of being a wholesaler is really a person who flips real estate contracts.  Very few actually close on properties and then offer them to people at a discounted rate.  Most "wholesalers" are just out there trying to make as much as they can per deal without putting any $$ into it if possible.  It's all about them in my opinion.

@Jaz Ram

Follow the link below. From YouTube.

Done extensively by a NY attorney...

Can't vouch for him, but informative.


@Jaz Ram


Or, check out their website.

There are ways to wholesale legally in NY, but its not like other places.

Im neither a wholesaler nor a realtor, but I found the information interesting.

@Jaz Ram

No problem.

Wholesaling in NY is tough.

Best of luck.

There are plenty of other ways to get into real estate. Don't give up...

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