Lior Solomon

02 September 2014

Darren is the only (by far) real estate agent I ever enjoyed working with. He brings his personal knowledge and skills as a real estate investor. I owe him a lot for being such a great mentor and to be the one that motivated me to do my first deals. I strongly recommend anyone in the NJ area looking to start his real estate investment career to talk to Darren and use his services. You can reach him out here on the forum or on the biggerpockets NYC meetups. Thanks Darren!

William Beck

24 September 2015

I've known Darren for a couple years now. He was the first person I met on BP and subsequently the first person I trusted in order to pull the trigger on my very first investment property. Not only did he target the investment property but helped me through the entire process (e.g. recommending lenders, attorneys, inspectors, etc.). To this day I rely on Darren and his network to operate a successful investment portfolio, without him I am positive I wouldn't have seen the same level of success I am seeing today. His wealth of knowledge in every aspect of real estate will most certainly provide value to your team. And even better, outside of business needs, Darren is just a good person and will always look out for your best interest. I highly recommend you reach out to Darren for any real estate investment dealings, especially if you're investing in the NYC Metropolitan area. I'm happy to call Darren a great business partner and friend. I look forward to building on my REI success and am confident I will do so with people like Darren in my corner.

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