Need advice on Montana title transfer to llc

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My Girfriend and I have an llc registered in Montana. We purchased our first property to flip prior to formation of our llc so the property is titled in her name. She is funding this deal 100% from a loan against her investment accounts. I want to transfer the property into the llc. I understand that a quitclaim deed is a simple process to transfer this property. My concern is that I also want to make sure her personal funds are secured against the property. In Montana I can file a trust indenture(basically a mortgage lein) but would it be more simple to write up a seller financing agreement? What would the pro's and con's be to either option? Thank you in advance for any advice.

Brian Rathay

Great question, I'm not super informed about this specific situation, but I can recommend Kevin Jones as an affordable and highly knowledgeable real estate lawyer in Missoula, he'd definitely be able to answer this for you. Sorry I couldn't be more help!

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