ISO: property in Utah County

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Seeking our first rental buy and hold, and our first flip in Utah County or Salt Lake County.

@Nicolette Alger What kind of criteria do you have for each? 

For the rental, what are you looking for? 

For the flip, what are you looking for?

You should add these details and then people can help more. 

For the rental you should think about your price, bedrooms, bath, units, cap rate wanted, and such.

For the flip you  should think about how distressed of a property are you looking for. How much do you want to buy the property for and how much in rehab costs? How are you financing these purchases. With a flip you will need to find a rich uncle, have cash on hand, or often times use a hard money lender. 

These are just a ew things to think about. 

@Nicolette Alger I’m in Saratoga Springs. I’m currently buying a buy-and-hold in Lehi where I already have two others. I know of 3 other good opportunities, message me for details.

Might have a couple flip opportunities for you.  Bank owned. let me know if interested. 

Hi Nicolette, 

We are very connected in Utah County and get a bunch of deals coming across our table. We share these deals with a small group of investors if we determine it's a deal worth looking at. PM me if you'd like to get on the list or would like to spend some time with us to learn the business!

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